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Monria Beginner's Flow: Genesis > Crystalline Cavern > Calypso Gateway > Monria Hub

Calypso Gateway[edit]

Calypso Gateway is the beginners main tutorial area for new players of Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia and Monria. The area is accessed by leaving Crystalline Cavern. From Calypso Gateway Planet Calypso and ROCKtropia players proceed to Camp Icarus, Monria players proceed to Monria Hub.

General notes: 1. The images in this guide will probably not show the visuals you experience because these are depending on graphics setting and time of arrival (there's time of day lighting) 2. The guide is following the experience of a Planet Calypso player, there might be minor differences for ROCKtropia and Monria players. 3. MindArk is constantly reviewing the area and applying minor improvements

How to get to Calypso Gateway[edit]

You can enter Calypso Gateway by leaving the Crystalline Cavern. You are not supposed to go back to the Crystalline Cavern, so you might want to make sure you have finished the Target Practise mission there.

Old player wanting to go through the gateway mission chain? Start there: Crystalline Cavern for old players

Arrival at Calypso Gateway[edit]

You arrive at Calypso Gateway approximately at Position (66680, 71404, 878). You can check your position by pressing P. When arriving at Calypso Gateway you should have a mission called "Find Mr Yoshida", check the mission section further below.

Calypso Gateway Missions Walkthrough[edit]

On Calypso Gateway you can go through a set of story-driven tutorial missions which give you a first overview of the game's features and functionality as well as award you a number of items and skills. It is highly recommended to do these missions but there is also the option to bypass the tutorial which is not recommended, not at last because you are not supposed to get back to Calypso Gateway.

These are the 18 missions:

  1. Find Mr Yoshida
  2. Report To Jimmy
  3. Limited Connectivity
  4. Pest Eradication
  5. Power Struggle
  6. A Message From Yoshida
  7. Unfinished Business
  8. Analyzing The Sample
  9. Fuel My Fire
  10. Another Message From Yoshida
  11. Prospective Prospector
  12. Rifles, Assemble
  13. Shooting Star
  14. Inspect-A-Gadget
  15. That Others May Live
  16. The Grand Finale
  17. Hangar Hangout
  18. A New Beginning

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Find Mr Yoshida[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Find Mr Yoshida

"Find Mr Yoshida" is the first mission after your arrival on Calypso Gateway and it's a very simple one. You just need to walk a few steps from your point of a arrival towards Mr Yoshida and the mission is done.

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Report To Jimmy[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Report To Jimmy

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Limited Connectivity[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Limited Connectivity

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Pest Eradication[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Pest Eradication The introductionary dialogue to this mission is to be found at the end of the preceding mission "Limited Connectivity".

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Power Struggle[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Power Struggle

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A Message From Yoshida[edit]

Mission page: Mission:A Message From Yoshida

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Unfinished Business[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Unfinished Business

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To Camp Amundsen[edit]

Mission page: Mission:To Camp Amundsen

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Analyzing The Sample[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Analyzing The Sample

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Fuel My Fire[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Fuel My Fire

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Another Message From Yoshida[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Another Message From Yoshida

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Prospective Prospector[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Prospective Prospector

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Rifles, Assemble[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Rifles, Assemble

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Shooting Star[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Shooting Star

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Mission page: Mission:Inspect-A-Gadget

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That Others May Live[edit]

Mission page: Mission:That Others May Live

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The Grand Finale[edit]

Mission page: Mission:The Grand Finale

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Hangar Hangout[edit]

Mission page: Mission:Hangar Hangout

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A New Beginning[edit]

Mission page: Mission:A New Beginning

Please note: By finishing this mission you will leave Calypso Gateway and you are not supposed to come back. Please make sure you don't leave items in your Calypso Gateway storage and you have your vehicle in your inventory. Also you might want to explore Calypso Gateway a little bit more before leaving. As a player of Monria you leave Calypso Gateway to Monria Hub, only Calypso and ROCKtropia players leave to Camp Icarus.

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What to do after Calypso Gateway[edit]

Planet Calypso players[edit]

For Calypso players the next stop after Calypso Gateway is Camp Icarus. There are a few new missions available at and around Camp Icarus, as well as some other interesting activities and locations. Also Camp Icarus is quite populated with other beginners and veteran players as well. You might want to proceed doing the missions and explore the environment.

ROCKtropia players[edit]

Just as for Calypso players for ROCKtropia players the next stop after Calypso Gateway is Camp Icarus as well. You might want to enjoy what Camp Icarus has to offer (see above) or visit the Sky lounge in Port Atlantis and taking advantage of the free trip to ROCKtropia.

Monria players[edit]

For Monria players the next stop after Calypso Gateway is Monria Hub. There are a few new missions available at Monria, as well as interesting locations to explore.

Calypso Gateway maps and locations[edit]

Calyps Gateway map empty 512x512.jpg

Genesis Alpha Station[edit]


Lake Phrys[edit]


Camp Amundsen[edit]


The supply pod[edit]


The Twins[edit]


Scott's Ridge[edit]


Starfinder Crash Site[edit]


Jotun Falls[edit]


Robot Structure[edit]


Spaceport Helios[edit]





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Original press release[edit]

Gothenburg, Sweden - Planet Calypso AB, developer and publisher of Planet Calypso, sci-fi MMO based in the Entropia Universe, announced today that new players now have easier access to the game. Calypso's improved Gateway gives beginning colonists a dedicated location in which to start out, get missions and learn about the gameplay and economics of the game in a safe environment.

Planet Calypso is known for its real-cash economy, sci-fi backstory, lush visuals and a very steep learning curve. Enter Calypso Gateway, the innovative starting point for newcomers. With this new update, the area now features a simpler linear layout. It also contains significantly more information about the gameplay of Planet Calypso and Entropia Universe. The "New Colonist Experience" even includes free items and skills to get new players going with weapons, ammo, armor and even a vehicle.

The Calypso Gateway is on its own island allowing players a safe place to get to know the planet and Entropia Universe. It is the first point-of-contact with the game, after the avatar creation process. Calypso Gateway features unique introductory missions to orient new players and make sure they have vital equipment. Newcomers will be able to engage in hunting, mining and crafting, using the equipment given. The tutorial-like mission structure allows players to learn about Calypso, the Real Cash Economy model and the way the basic features work.

Planet Calypso is the oldest of the planets in the Entropia Universe, with over one million registered accounts and over $400 million USD per year in user-to-user transactions. As part of the largest real economy game in the world players have the ability to participate in a science-fiction MMO where they have no monthly costs. Instead players have the ability to deposit real funds for their adventures on Calypso, or withdraw funds at any time for use in the real world. Planet Calypso is a free download available at the game's official website at

About Planet Calypso AB Planet Calypso AB develops and markets Planet Calypso, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the Entropia Platform, and is part of the Entropia Universe. Set in a distant future, the planet Calypso is home to an expanding human colony engaged with the natural and economic elements of establishing their new civilization.

For more information on Planet Calypso AB (PCAB) and Planet Calypso please contact us at the numbers below or go to our website at

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