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    News Release — Planet Calypso AB, developer and publisher of Planet Calypso, a sci-fi MMO in Entropia Universe, announced on September 28, 2012 that new players will now have an easier access to the game. What’s known as the Calypso Gateway has been improved for beginning colonists and offers not only a dedicated starting location, but provides a safe environment where new players can acquire missions, and learn about gameplay and economics of the game.

    With a sci-fi backstory, stunning visuals, and a very steep learning curve, Planet Calypso, known for its Real Cash Economy (RCE), gets innovative with the “New Colonist Experience” and offers a simpler linear layout, with the Calypso Gateway on an island of its own. The introduction of more information about the gameplay of Planet Calypso and Entropia Universe gives the new player a beginning opportunity to become more acquainted with player development through a variety of activities. A new player receives skills and free items such as weapons, ammo, armor and even a vehicle to assist in their learning process.

    The Calypso Gateway is the first point of entry and contact with the game after the avatar creation process. The unique introductory missions help to acclimate new players to their environment, and provides the necessary equipment that enables them to hunt, mine and craft. The tutorial-like mission structure gives new players an opportunity to learn about basic features, as well as more about Planet Calypso and its Real Cash Economy model.

    Photo Sampling

    Start Room

    Crystalline Cavern

    Revival Facility




    Level 4 – Puny Chomper




    Scott’s Ridge

    This writer made the trip to the Calypso Gateway and completed all of the missions for the experience. Progressing from Winter into Summer climate made the experience realistic and quite enjoyable. The missions were fun and very easy to follow, and even though I’m a 7+ year veteran, I can say that the level of learning would definitely give a new player an understanding of the basics.

    I plan on returning to explore further, as the Calypso Gateway island is a lot of territory to cover, and my time was limited. I rushed through the missions, but I’m sure the length of time for a brand new player to complete all missions and gain their land legs on this island would take a while.

    It was interesting to see the array of creatures, like Chompers, Phasms, Mourners, Hiryu, Exos, and even Bots, but all of lower levels of course, even though as one progresses, the levels in certain areas are more challenging. If you have nothing better to do, I would recommend giving yourself the experience to see what a new player on Calypso goes through. It might even be helpful for those who provide mentoring to have an idea of the progression up to the point of exiting the Gateway to Calypso proper. Head to Port Atlantis New Arrivals teleporter – travel up the stairs to the next level in the center where you will find the televator to the Calypso Gateway.

    I even ran into another veteran, and a dear long-time friend.

    Wanderer – The Disturbed Ones Society

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