Planet Calypso beginners flow

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This is an overview of locations for new players of Planet Calypso. Some of these locations are optional, some are mandatory, some are part of branching paths and rule out each other. However, this is a recommendation of an order to follow these locations.

Planet Calypso Genesis[edit]

Planet Calypso Genesis also known as Genesis Alpha Station is the point of entry for new players of Planet Calypso and thus a mandatory location for everyone. There's a short tutorial on movement and orientation, a little bit of background information. Avatar creation is also integrated with this area. For more information about Planet Calypso Genesis check out the dedicated page for the area: Planet Calypso Genesis. The exit of Planet Calypso Genesis area leads to Calypso Gateway.

Calypso Gateway[edit]

Calypso Gateway is a mandatory area for new players of Planet Calypso. You arrive automatically at Calypso Gateway after leaving Planet Calypso Genesis. Calypso Gateway is a relatively linear experience with the first set of missions dedicated to new players. Take your time, stick to the order of missions. You are not supposed to come back to Calypso Gateway once you've left it! For more information on Calypso Gateway and especially the set of missions check out the dedicated page for the area: Calypso Gateway. The exit of Calypso Gateway leads to Camp Icarus.

Camp Icarus[edit]

Camp Icarus (CI) is a semi-mandatory area for new players. It is semi-mandatory as everyone arrives there coming from Calypso Gateway but one should ignore all content at that point and instead move to Half Moon Bay. Arriving at CI on a landing platform facing north you should see Captain Saana and a dialogue window should with the tracking mission "Welcome to Camp Icarus!". The mission informs you that Captain Saana wants to talk to you, so walk to her and talk to her. At the end of the following dialogue with Captain Saana there's the option to either do beginners mission chains at Camp Icarus or do the same missions chains at Half Moon Bay. The missions and rewards are the same but you can only do them once at either Camp Icarus or Half Moon Bay. At this point you should absolutely choose to go to Half Moon Bay and only return to Camp Icarus later in game.

Why choose Half Moon Bay instead of Camp Icarus?

  • the missions and rewards are the same but at Half Moon Bay they have a slighty better design
  • Half Moon Bay is the better designed more accessible location, released much later than Camp Icarus, one could think of it as a improved version of Camp Icarus
  • Half Moon Bay is less crowded and less likely someone will interfere with your gameplay
  • the Half Moon Bay path will naturally end at Cape Corinth which is another hub of beginners missions introducing various features of the game such as crafting

In case decide against Half Moon Bay and want to continue with Camp Icarus check out the dedicated page for the area: Camp Icarus.

Half Moon Bay[edit]

Half Moon Bay is an optional but very important and highly recommended location in the beginners flow. On first arrival at Half Moon Bay you should see Sergeant Zobenis who is the mission giver for the first mission at Half Moon Bay. After completion it suggests to see Captain Hera left of the entry of the outpost building as she offers a series of new player missions to complete is close proximity of Half Moon Bay. Once this mission chain is completed you should see Alia Bukin on the first floor balcony of the outpost building, she offer another beginner's mission chain. And once that one is completed walking down the ramp from the balcony you should get a dialogue popup from another NPC with a mission that leads to Camp Agir which is the next recommended location. For more info about Half Moon Bay check out the dedicated page: Half Moon Bay.

The Gauntlet[edit]

The Gauntlet is a series of 2 beginners instances for accessible via the Gauntlet Organizer NPC at Half Moon Bay, but also from via the Gauntlet Organizer NPC at Camp Icarus. The instances are optional and recommended to do but not due to a couple of peculiarities not neccessarily recommended this early. Check out the dedicated page for more info: The Gauntlet.

Camp Agir[edit]

Camp Agir is an optional location in the beginners flow. It's a small research outpost where NPC Professor Birch offers a short mission chain. It's absolutely recommended to do this mission chain as it doesn't involve any costs. Also Camp Agir is on the way to Cape Corinth, another hub with new player missions. So it's no coincidence that Professor Birch last mission sends you to Cape Corinth. For info about Camp Agir check out the dedicated page: Camp Agir.

Cape Corinth[edit]