Planet Calypso: Planet Calypso Rejuvenates Gateway for New Players

Discussion in 'Entropia Universe in the Press' started by NotAdmin, Oct 2, 2012.

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  2. This has been posted a few times already, think its old news by now.
  3. NotAdmin

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    I only saw the press release today. I am aware it has been announced before, though.
  4. MindStar9

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    This press release is new and just released on Sep 28th through the company PR agency, even though something in the past may have been written or said about changes being made. The MindStar Media version of this press release was published the morning the release went to the news wires, so perhaps you may have seen it there? :smile:

    I like that EP has always made the effort to find news about our universe and the developers, and have done a great job of bringing that news to us, and news we may not have known about, so I thank them for that.
  5. ahh sorry, I have read a lot of articles in the last few days and ma mind is all over the place at the moment.

    It's great to put this info out their thanks.
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  6. MindStar9

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    You're very welcome.

    As with EP, we at MSM are in the business of reporting the news as soon as possible.

    Together, we should have it covered. :thumbsup:
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