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The winter season has finally ended! At last, the sun has broken through and the snow, fun as it was, is finally gone. Colonial Administration also has removed the Christmas trees.
In a short and spectacular explosion, the old volcano at Cyclops erupted Wednesday at 10:20 UTC. The explosion did not cause much damage, except for the collapse of the old caldera and the subsequent collapse of the golf course.
The geographical changes at Cyclops are not the only consequences of the eruption. A lot of fish appeared at the surface, including a new species, probably disturbed by the shockwave from the explosion propagating into the water. A preliminary analysis shows that there will probably be some time before the pods of fish return to the depth. Until then, authorities warn the population from swimming in the sea, as some of the species appearing at the surface are quite dangerous.
The flora and fauna near Cyclops have also changed as a result. The newly emerged Proteron population has decreased because of the explosion. On the other hand, Hiryuu nests are reported in the area. In related news, Trilomites have been seen on Amethera. It is not known whether this is related to the Cyclops eruption. There are also reports that effoids, Maffoids and Muluk-Hir have returned; Imperial Zoological speculates that they had hibernated during the cold season.
In order to make it easier for new colonists to settle on Calypso, Colonial Administration has set up a Preliminary Colonist Training Program. There is a Mission Broker in Port Atlantis and another one at the Swamp Camp that will guide colonists, new and old, through initial colonist training.


Quest/Mission System Preview
There is a mission broker in Port Atlantis that will initiate participants to five starter missions. This is a preview of the Quest/Mission System!
We started by implementing five very simple missions, not only for us to learn the system, but also to serve as an introduction for newcomers to the Planet Calypso experience. In addition, it is also a platform for discussion about future development of the mission system. When you have completed the missions, please take the time to provide feedback using the survey found at the link to the left.
At this moment, the GUI to the Quest/Mission System consists of dialogue windows that open when you interact with objects, the quest/mission log window that shows the state of quests/missions (available in the Action Library), and quest update markers at the top left of the screen that pops up as quests progresses.
We aim to improve the GUI of the mission system. For instance, interactive objects will be more clearly marked and waypoints and objectives should be marked on the map and satnav.

Geography Overhaul

We’ve made a significant overhaul to the Cyclops area between East Scylla Mountains and Fort Troy. Not only does this area look a lot better than before, it is also optimized better for performance. The Cyclops area is our reference work for future server area updates; this is the benchmark level of quality we want in the future.
Some Land Areas and Outback Lands on Amethera were also polished to various degrees.


  • Newcomer spawn - When first arriving to Calypso the new settlers spawn in the following order:
1. Port Atlantis
2. Cape Corinth
3. Fort Ithaca
If the Port Atlantis server is full or down the newcomers will spawn at Cape Corinth, and so on.
  • Added trilomite spawns at Amethera
  • Deer Mall fee balancing.
  • General Outback Land Area dressing up and bug fixing.
  • Tweaked spawns at Swamp Camp and on the road to Port Atlantis.
  • Fixed streaming audio at CND Control Room.
  • General bug fixing.
  • Estate Development Implementation from participant orders.
  • Land Areas, Shops and Shopping Booths fixed