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Which one to keep? 2010/01 or 2010-01? -User:Tass

2010-01 is the press release, 2010/01 are the update details. 2010/01 is the correct one, but it is at the wrong place. It needs to be moved to 2010-01, if you agree with me.

Hm... so the page with the update details (2010/01) is the one to be linked on Calypso_VU_listings, right? And also the one to link to when mentioning the VU on other pages, right? Thinking about it there could be changes coming with a VU that are not documented in the release notes, these should be documented too. Would be good to have a clear differentiation between a page about the changes a VU brought and another page to exclusivly document the original PR. -User:Tass