Mission:The Missing Piece

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The official in-game name of this mission
Mission Name The Missing Piece
The quest chain this mission is embedded in
Quest Chain University of Valhalla set of missions
The type of this mission
Mission Type Searching, exploring, time limit
The release date and the VU that included this mission
Release Date (VU) 2010-02
Your personal mission status.
Personal Status {{{missionPersonalStatus}}}
The location where you begin this mission
StartingLocation Robot Psychologist Camp
The NPC or entity where you get this mission
Quest Giver Anna Bjorkdottir
Teleporters you should have or get to complete this mission
Helpful Teleporters Fort Troy, Boreas
Locations you will have to visit to begin and complete this mission
Related Locations Robot Psychologist Camp, Cyclops Area
The requirements that have to be met to begin this mission
Requirements completion of the Dialogue with Anna mission
The objectives of this mission
Mission Objectives Find a missing piece to a robot that Anna Bjorkdottir has assembled so that she can activate it.
Equipment you will probably need to complete this mission
Necessary Equipment none
Mobs you will have to fight to complete this mission
Unavoidable Enemies
Mobs you might encounter during this mission
Possible Enemies Atrox, Drone, Warrior, Allophyl
Approximate costs to complete this mission.
Approximate Costs 0 PED
Rewards you can get for the completion of the mission.
The missions unlocked by completing this mission
Next Missions [[]]
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This mission is the last mission in the University of Valhalla set of missions released in the Planet Calypso Content Release 2010-02. It is set in the Cyclops Area.

Find a missing piece to a robot that Anna Bjorkdottir has assembled so that she can activate it.

Notice: This is a time-limit mission and must finish within 45 minutes.

In-Game Description[edit]

I have collected robot parts that were left by the no-brain scientists of Genesis Star and their equally brainless freelancers. My goal is to assemble a robot so that I can communicate with it in a safe and controlled environment.

The problem is that the robots fry their memory banks when they are captured or sustains heavy damage which makes it impossible to reactivate them.

One of my contacts has been able to get an almost intact robot memory from the Genesis Star labs. But now I am not able to contact him for some reason.

I want you to go to his last known location around the coordinates 75552 by 68065, and find out what has happened to him. It would be nice if you could bring back the robot memory to me. Can you do that for me?


Besides the 'regular' walkthrough you also might want to check out the video.



Completion and Reward[edit]

Skill Reward Evaluation[edit]
Avatar Name Skill Name Skill Value
before reward
Skill Value
after reward
PED TT Value
Rough EstimationBeta
PED TT calculated using the
Chipping Optimizer Tool
by jdegre
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
  1. go to chipping optimizer page
  2. select "show all skills" from the drop down profession list
  3. enter the skill value before in the input box of the corresponding skill
  4. the "Level" field will show the same value as you typed
  5. enter the skill value after reward in the "Target Level" input box
  6. click "go!"
  7. in the corresponding skill row, the recommended chipping will display in green, and inside brackets, the size of the chip required, which is the same as the TT value needed to go from the skill value before reward to the skill value after reward
  8. copy this skill value, go back to the mission page
  9. click edit and paste the value in the corresponding position


Mission The Missing Piece - Entropia Universe

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