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Populating the Society[edit]

Setting the Society to accept members[edit]

Can only be done by 2. rank or higher.

Inviting potential new members[edit]

Can only be done by 4. rank or higher.

Inviting via the Contacts panel[edit]

This only works with contacts and also the contact must be online in game, you cannot invite contacts that are offline. Right-click the contact in the Contacts panel, hover over the "Avatar" menu item to open a sub-menu and there choose "Society invite".

Accepting applications[edit]

Can only be done by 2. rank or higher.

Successfully running a society[edit]

... input:

Society ranks[edit]

The name of ranks depend on the chosen 'hierarchy template'.

Basic Corporate Crafters Explorers Hunters Mercenaries Military Miners Mystics Order Outlaws Scientists Security Traders
1. Society Leader CEO Crafting Administrator Expedition Leader Great Hunter Captain General Mining Director High Mind-tropian Master Boss Professor Guardian Commander Merchant Prince
2. Leader Advisor Vice President Crafting Foreman Expedition Advisor Elevated Hunter Advisor Colonel Mining Foreman Mindtropian First Circle Counselor Assistant Professor Guard Commander Merchant
3. Professional Division Manager Senior Crafter Senior Adventurer Senior Hunter Group Leader Captain Senior Miner Essence Channeler Second Circle Hitter Senior Researcher Senior Guard Shopkeeper
4. Worker Department Manager Crafter Adventurer Hunter Veteran Sergeant Miner Essense Follower Third Circle Thug Researcher Guard Senior Trader
5. Learner Employee Junior Crafter Senior Traveler Junior Hunter Grunt Private Junior Miner Mind Neophyte Fourth Circle Hood Junior Researcher Junior Guard Junior Trader
6. Junior Recruit Trainee Crafter Learner Traveler Pupil Rookie Recruit Mining Learner Follower Initiate Punk Student Watchdog Peddler

Rank abilities[edit]

1. Rank[edit]

(Society Leader, CEO, Crafting Administrator, Expedition Leader, Great Hunter, Captain, General, Mining Director, High Mindtropian, Master, Boss, Professor, Guardian Commander, Merchant Prince)

The Society Leader cannot leave the Society. Besides that exception the society leader is able to do the following in addition to the capabilities of the lower ranks:

2. Rank[edit]

(Leader Advisor, Vice President, Crafting Foreman, Expedition Advisor, Elevated Hunter, Advisor, Colonel, Mining Foreman, Mindtropian, First Circle, Counselor, Assistant Professor, Guard Commander, Merchant)

All capabilities of the lower ranks and in addition:

  • using the "Society seniors" chat channel
  • editing the Society information page
  • changing the Society's name and abreviation
  • change the "Hierarchy template"
  • viewing the "Applicant List", accepting and rejecting applicants
  • setting
    • "Public rank info" (if set Society ranks are displayed in the Society Terminal)
    • "Public member roster" (if set Society members are displayed in the Society Terminal)
    • "Accepting members" (if set players are enable to send an application via the Society Terminal)
  • demoting members of all lower ranks
  • dismissing (kicking) members of all lower ranks
3. Rank[edit]

(Professional, Division Manager, Senior Crafter, Senior Adventurer, Senior Hunter, Group Leader, Captain, Senior Miner, Essence Channeler, Second Circle, Hitter, Senior Researcher, Senior Guard, Shopkeeper)

All capabilities of the lower ranks and in addition:

4. Rank[edit]

(Worker, Department Manager, Crafter, Adventurer, Hunter, Veteran, Sergeant, Miner, Essense Follower, Third Circle, Thug, Researcher, Guard, Senior Trader)

All capabilities of the lower ranks and in addition:

5. Rank[edit]

(Learner, Employee, Junior Crafter, Senior Traveler, Junior Hunter, Grunt, Private, Junior Miner, Mind Neophyte, Fourth Circle, Hood, Junior Researcher, Junior Guard, Junior Trader)

All capabilities of the lower ranks and in addition:

  • Editing one's member info
6. Rank[edit]

(Junior Recruit, Trainee, Crafter Learner, Traveler, Pupil, Rookie, Recruit, Mining Learner, Follower, Initiate, Punk, Student, Watchdog, Peddler)

  • Electing the Society Leader
  • Setting oneself electable/unelectable for Society leadership
  • Adding society members from the society member list to one's friendlist

Changing Leadership[edit]

A new leader can be elected in 1 of 2 ways: Voting out the current leader or the current leader resigning.

Voting in general[edit]

For both option the voting procedure is the same. Voting actually means selecting who you would prefer as a leader.Your selection persists as long as you are in the society but you can change it anytime.

Note: You can also vote for yourself.

Voting out the current leader[edit]

For a leader to win the election they need to have the majority (50.1%) of the votes. This is calculated from the whole society so if they have, for example, 100 members they will have to get 51 votes. 24 hours after they have received 50.1% of votes they then will become the new Leader.

It is however very difficult to elect a new leader by getting more then 50.1% of the votes in larger society. For instance in a society of 20 people you only need 11 to vote, in a society of 100 you need 51 active members to vote.

Current leader resigning[edit]

The current leader must set themselves as unelectable which will automatically make the person with the 2nd most votes, the new leader after 24 hrs.

Changing the Society name[edit]

A name change can be initiated by changing the name field in the Soc info panel. Once done the name will be pending for up to a week official but it could also take even longer for the name change to come into effect.

Disbanding the Society[edit]

... Only the Leader of a Society has the ability to start the disbanding process.

If you select to disband Your society the whole society will be closed in 7 days. All members will be informed as soon as you have started the disbandment. If during this time you change your mind you can unclick the choice and the disbanding process will be stopped. You always need to click OK for the change to start or stop.

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