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Society basics[edit]

<general info about societies>

Considerations before joining a Society[edit]

  • If you are a beginner you can sign up to the Adopt A Newbie Foundation (ANF). The ANF is a kind of agency helping Newbies to find a suitable Society. Furthermore the ANF also offers membership in the ANF Society until Newbies have find a better suitable Society. Newbies that find a Society that way will be given a Starter Set. More info and how to apply: Adopt A Newbie Foundation
  • Before joining a society:
    • make sure you are in command of the main language the society uses in their Society Chat
    • make sure that at least a couple of members are regularly active in game at the same times you are
    • make sure the society is active on the planet you choose
    • make sure your style of playing fits the society, some Societies only accept people that regularly deposit or are focussed on specific activities like hunting
    • ...
  • When you have applied for membership please allow the Society to take some time (maybe a day but not a week) to accept your application.
  • ...

How to apply for membership in a Society[edit]

This guide explains how to find the closest Society Terminal from Port Atlantis Marina TP and how to apply for membership in a Society using the example of the Adopt A Newbie Foundation Society. Of course the process works with any Society Terminal on any Planet and any Society that is accepting applications via the Society Terminal (this option can be turned off by Societies).

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