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    Unfortunately we cannot use anything of that due to PCF's TOS:

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    What's on PCF stays on PCF?

    What's on EP can be copied to other sites under an open source license. Free information ftw.
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  4. hmm so the edits I made need to be rewritten though there some laws I would want to look into regarding user generated information. But that would take time that I don't currently have to invest.
  5. now that I got more time on this.

    Legally facts such as the society information I did edit into the wiki page are not protected under copyright. However the way the original information was written for those 2 sections a bit of editing was needed to make them objective rather then personal (finished).

    In regards to user generated content the copywrite goes to the writer not the site. So PCF has no right to prevent anything other then staff posts from leaving their site. On the flip side of that though the original author has the right to submit a cease and desist to anyone on the web who uses their content.

    Now common web usage for content from short posting locations such as comments, forum posts, instant message, etc don't normally refer to the author. However proper etiquette does require a mention of any authors names for content in use.

    Now that I have posted the short version (the long version is about 10+ pages with tons of definitions that we really dont' need to know here) I agree that PCF can keep their stinking garbage.
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