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06 November 2011 - 6 December 2011

Original Announcement[edit]

Location: OLA #46 @ (19000, 62250) Northwest of the Oshiri Hearts teleporter.
Contest Duration: November 6th @ 19:00 UTC – December 6th @ 19:00 UTC
Finals: December 11th @ 19:00 UTC

Register here to participate:


  • Free entry
  • 30 Globals during a 30 day period earns you 30 PEDs and 1 entry into the Highest Single Loot Final (HSL Final).
  • If you get 30 additional globals, you earn a 2nd entry but not 30 additional PEDs. You may either give this entry to a friend or sell it to another player.
  • Entry to the HSL Final event is also possible by purchasing a ticket for 30 PED.
  • Teams will of 2 players maximum will be allowed but screenshots will need to be taken with time/date/location stamp and only 1 member can claim prize.
  • Finals will be streamed LIVE on with commentary!

It is very easy to participate in this event. Simply go to Proteron Pasture and kill Proterons. Entropia tracker will be used to track your globals and HoFs. To be safe, I'd recommend screenshotting your globals also with the Time/Date stamp on them. That way if there is a problem with the tracker you will have your own records of the globals.

If and when you get 30 Globals, simply send your in-game name + forum name to me via PM on the forum (Planet Calypso Forum or Entropia Forum).

Prizes (HSL Final):

  1. Alienware TactX Mouse (Including Shipping/Delivery)
  2. Quad-wing Interceptor (L)
  3. Coolness Skillchip (15 PED tt~)

Proteron Information from Entropedia:

Globals will be shown and counted by Entropia Tracker in the Events Section: 30 for 30

Good Luck from Star and myself to all participants!

Thread: Proteron Pasture Event: 30 for 30 Contest


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