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Official release notes[edit]

Welcome to Planet Cyrene. We have worked hard to try and bring you something truly special, and hope that you enjoy it.

This is currently a soft launch of the planet. That being said, there are some things that are not currently available. This is because we need to keep some things fresh for everyone, and keep things fair for the people who have not heard about the game until its intended release.

Some of those include: Certain mobs and missions which lead to obtaining items that unlock quests, that in turn will lead to further content, items and story, as well as blueprints and some vehicles. But don't worry , there is plenty of content.

Unique Game System for Cyrene PvP Token System – for more information go to: under the PvP sub-section. Note: PvP weapons/armors/tools can only be used within the Cyrene PvP Arenas and NOWHERE ELSE. Likewise, any other item from any planet (even Cyrene) cannot be used in the PvP Arenas. Mech and Faction systems still not available.

Known Issues

  • Some vegetation has malformed or has inaccurate levels of detail
  • Some creature animation, material, and names may be incorrect
  • Some NPCs and creatures disappear dependent upon computer configuration
  • Some revival points in the Turrelion Outpost do not have turrets
  • Some creatures are unable to be scanned with any scanner, so it is advised to not make any scan attempts until this issue is resolved with the next patch
  • Some creatures are missing particle textures and produce squares
  • Some mission npcs do not distinguish gender in dialogue
  • Some vehicle particles behave as if by open water when on land
  • Some buildings appear broken while running below Very High graphics
  • Some items have missing models, known items are:
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold Legs
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold Helmet
    • Color Enhancing Agent
  • Some crafting items will not succeed if attempted , they are:
    • Light Power Cell
    • Medium Power Cell
    • Heavy Power Cell
    • Lysterium Power Container
    • Scout Helmet
    • Scout Harness
    • Scout Armguard
    • Scout Glove
    • Scout Boot
    • Scout Shinguard
    • Scout Thighguard
    • Cold Protective Coating
  • All other blueprints and refinements are correct
  • Some environmental issues (lakes with invisible walls)
  • Some missions are not able to be completed at this time, they are:
    • This craft's for you!
    • Getting crafty!
  • In the 1 PED Arena and 10 PED Arena the pipes are not physicalized.

If you wish to report an issue, you can do so at

Cyrene PvP Rewards In honor of the players who come to Cyrene during the soft launch, the token PvP weapons available from the token reward NPCs in the hub will be Unlimited until May 29th. After that date, these weapons will no longer be available from these vendors (but they will be available from someone else) and the token reward NPCs will only have Limited weapons with similar stats.

Thanks to everyone for coming and exploring Cyrene.

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