Mission:Iron Challenge: 500 Merp

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The official in-game name of this mission
Mission Name Iron Challenge: 500 Merp
The quest chain this mission is embedded in
Quest Chain Iron Challenge
The type of this mission
Mission Type Hunting
The release date and the VU that included this mission
Release Date (VU) 2010-02
Your personal mission status.
Personal Status {{{missionPersonalStatus}}}
The location where you begin this mission
StartingLocation Outpost south of Fort Argus
The NPC or entity where you get this mission
Quest Giver Owl
Teleporters you should have or get to complete this mission
Helpful Teleporters Fort Argus, Nea's Place, New Switzerland, Atami's Paradise
Locations you will have to visit to begin and complete this mission
Related Locations Outpost south of Fort Argus, Nea's Place to LA 4, New Switzerland to OLA 41, Atami's Paradise to OLA 51
The requirements that have to be met to begin this mission
Requirements completion of the Iron Challenge: 100 Merp mission and must have some kind of weapons
The objectives of this mission
Mission Objectives kill 500 Merps
Equipment you will probably need to complete this mission
Necessary Equipment rifle, pistol, or any melee weapon
Mobs you will have to fight to complete this mission
Unavoidable Enemies Merp
Mobs you might encounter during this mission
Possible Enemies
Approximate costs to complete this mission.
Approximate Costs 75-115.41 peds of ammo and 1.15 ped of Opalo decay. Melee weapon decay is higher.
Rewards you can get for the completion of the mission.
Rewards 250 Nova Fragments
The missions unlocked by completing this mission
Next Missions [[Iron Challenge: 1000 Merp]]
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Kill 500 Merps.

In-Game Description[edit]

The next step of the challenge is 500 Merp.

Look to the sky. Feel the earth beneath your feet and clear these mutated birds from the lands. You are not only doing it for yourself or for me. you are doing it for the very essence of Calypso.





Hunting Areas[edit]

LA4 02.jpg

LA 4. Hunting tax is 0%. From Nea's Place, you can run north east. Swim over the river and start shooting at the Merp. From Silver Ridge, just go west. Merps are in the green zone. Merp Young are scatter. The most you see is in a group of 5. There are a few Merp Mature and only one Merp Old. If you die in the southern green zone, you'll be revive in OLA 17 in the south. But it's safe to run back north again. Ambulimax are not very aggressive.

OLA 53 01.jpg

OLA 53. Hunting tax is 4%. Teleport to Segna Forest. Run north. Start shooting.

OLA 41 01.jpg

OLA 41. Hunting tax is 4%. Teleport to New Switzerland. Run and swim east to the green zone and avoid the Argonaut. And then go north to the brown area. Merp Young are usually in a group of 4 to 5. If you use a Lesser Teleport chip from the outpost, you'll be landed in the Argonaut territory.

OLA 51 01.jpg

OLA 51. Hunting tax is 3.95%. Teleport to Atami's Paradise. Run west to OLA 51. There are some Molisk in the way. Merps are in the green zone of OLA 51. The population is very dense. They're in a group of 7-15.

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