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Event creation and management guide

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Originally created by nutrageti. Please help improving this guide either on this page or post in the forum thread Event Creation

Creating and managing an event is something which could be included in a profession of its own. There are several people around that make a living by promoting events and lots of land area owners use events to get more people to their estate. Creating the event itself is a relatively easy task that requires very little skill. The first step is to choose where your event will take place. You can choose between 3 different types of event locations

  • an arena commonly known as "ring" or "ocatagon" (there is only one arena that can be used as event area and that's the one at Billy’s Spaceship Afterworld)
  • a Land Area (plenty of those can be found on Amethera or the other available planets)
  • a specially created zone north of Tukar that contains two forts and allows for two teams, Stars and Triangles, to compete against each other. The rules available in this area, named Fortress Invincible, are the same as for normal events with the difference being that during an event decay and ammo consumption is 10% of normal and that creating an event there costs less because reserving 30 min for your event costs 5 ped instead of 25 ped as normal everywhere else. The top 3 people from the winning team get the prizes and if the setting "accumulate decay" was set then the everyone in the winning team will get a few ped depending on their number of points and team ranking.

Once the event zone is chosen you either go to the Event manager (for arenas and Fortress Invincible, the area North of Tukar) or the Land Area marker (found inside the land area, usually next to the fertilizer). When you click that something like this will appear:

Land Area Marker Terminal.jpg

Click the “view/create event button”(upper right of the screen) and you will get this (the “Event Organizer” will take you directly here):

Event List Land Area.jpg

Event List Octagon.jpg

Click “Creat Event” to open the next window:

Create Event - General.jpg

The first tab in the new window is the “General” one. It allows you to choose an event name and set a description. You can toggle between all tabs as long as you need so don’t rush it. You can also add an URL from which to stream comments or music on the land area for the event. The next tab is the “Date” one:

Create Event - Date.jpg

This one allows you to choose the time of your event. After you choose the week in which your event will take place choose the time interval between which you want your event to take place. Each day is divided into 48 time boxes that each have a time of 30 minutes allocated to them. The longest possible event time is 4 hours. Each box selected adds 25 more ped to the event cost, for an event lasting one hour the cost of creation being 75 PED.

The next tab contains “Rules” settings. You can choose to make the event winnable by most number of votes from other participants, most players killed, most loot value from mobs and highest single loot. You can also choose whether to make the land area a pvp zone for the duration of the event, allow teams, ban healing, certain weapons, mindforce, vehicles, and other things. One notable option is the “accumulate loot” or "accumulate decay/ammo" which allows for the value of all loot or decay/ammo to be added to the prize pool. You can also limit the health of participants, allowing you to create events designed for less skilled avatars.

Create Event - Rules.jpg

The “Ticket” tab allows you to set the number of tickets (max 100), the price of the tickets ( max 10.000 ped for a ticket). You can also reserve tickets which will be added to your inventory for you to trade with friends or sell manually. Each reserved ticked ads 1 ped to the total event creation fee.

Create Event - Ticket.jpg

The last tab is the “Prizes” tab. Here you have 3 slots where you can drag the items (or stacks of ped) you wish to give as prizes to the top 3 winners. Adding prizes is optional and you can leave any one of those slots empty. However it has been shown that prizes tend to motivate players to participate in events so best add something.

Create Event - Prizes.jpg

The final step is to click “OK”(be sure to triple check all tabs).

Other things you need to remember are:

  • The land area will be off limits to players not registered to your event during the event time;
  • A proper event name and an elaborate and clear description will help you get more participants;
  • Marketing your event is the only way to ensure more than 4-5 participants ( even shouting the event name in Twin Peaks works);
  • Be careful when adding the prizes to not put something there more valuable than you would like or is probable to recover from ticket prices or land area tax because once an event is made it cannot be cancelled

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