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Depositing money into Entropia Universe

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Entropia Universe feature a "Real Cash Economy" (RCE) which means that the ingame currency Project Entropia Dollars (PED) has a fixed exchange rate rate of 10:1 to the US Dollar. You can convert real-world cash money into game currency as well as the other way round: withdraw game money to your real world bank account. This guide is about Depositing money into Entropia Universe, the guide for Withdrawing can be found there: Withdrawing money from Entropia Universe, alternative methods to get PED are discussed there: About Making Money in Entropia Universe.

Legal considerations: Players don't own anything and there is no real money in game[edit]

By the Entropia Universe EULA and ToU there is no real-world money inside Entropia Universe. Everything in game incl. avatars, their skills, in-game money, etc are parts of the Entropia Universe system belonging to MindArk and partner companies. Players of Entropia Universe do not own anything.

These are the relevant sections in the EULA and ToU:

Entropia Universe End User License Agreement (EULA):


7. Virtual Currency Transfers and Fund Transactions


The terms in this paragraph 7 do not apply to Your participation within the Entropia Universe Starting Area.

The Entropia Universe incorporates a PED Card System connected to each Account, through which MindArk administers the funds You transfer to and withdraw from the Entropia Universe (the “PED Card”).

You may use MindArk’s approved and secured fund transfer methods to increase by deposits and/or decrease by withdrawals the PED balance on Your PED Card. The deposited funds are converted by MindArk to PED that may be used by You as virtual currency in the Entropia Universe. If You choose to deposit or withdraw funds to or from the Entropia Universe You hereby agree to any costs and fees involved in all fund transfers.


Entropia Universe Terms of Use:


4.1 MindArk’s Proprietary Rights


Virtual items are fictional in-world graphical objects with a predefined set of parameters in Entropia Universe and will often have names similar or identical to corresponding physical categories such as "people", "real estate", "possessions”, “currency”, “cloths” and the names of specific items in those categories such as "house", "rifle", "tools", "armor", “coat”, “money” etc. (“Virtual Items”). Despite the similarity in terminology, all Virtual Items, including virtual currency, are part of the Entropia Universe System and/or features of the Entropia Universe, and MindArk and/or respective Mindark’s Planet Partner(s) retains all rights, title, and interest in all parts including, but not limited to Avatars, Skills and Virtual Items. These retained rights include, without limitation, patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and other proprietary rights throughout the world. Notwithstanding any other language or context to the contrary, as used in this EULA and/or in the Entropia Universe in the context of Virtual Items, You expressly acknowledge that all terms like “exchange of”, “trade with”, “purchase of”, “sale of” or “use of” Virtual Items, and all similar terms in context of transactions with Virtual Items, refers to the licensed right to use a certain feature of the Entropia Universe or the Entropia Universe System in accordance with the terms and conditions of this EULA.


Ways to deposit[edit] website[edit]

One way to deposit money into the game is via the website. That way you can deposit without using the game client.

Below you can find the process exemplified using Paysafecard, the process is slightly different for other depositing methods. Should you experience any issues you might want to:

  • check the Depositing F.A.Q. further below on this page
  • ask questions on the guides & help forum
  • file a support case

In game[edit]

Payment methods[edit]

Credit card/debit card[edit]

Bank transfer[edit]



MOL - Money Online[edit]



  • depositing page (login required):
  • Service provider on Wikipedia: Paysafecard
  • Service provider website:
  • Tip: Often you can
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    for less than the actual value of the card. For example 100 Euro Paysafecards sometimes sell for 90-95 Euro which means a discount of 60-120 PED. So when you plan to deposit you might want to check whether there are Paysafecards (or Ukash vouchers) for sale. But please be careful and make sure to avoid fraudulent sellers!


PED Certificate[edit]



Comparison of payment menthods[edit]

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