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Withdrawing money from Entropia Universe

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Entropia Universe feature a "Real Cash Economy" (RCE) which means that the ingame currency Project Entropia Dollars (PED) has a fixed exchange rate rate of 10:1 to the US Dollar. You can convert real-world cash money into game currency as well as the other way round: withdraw game money to your real world bank account. This guide is about Withdrawing money from Entropia Universe to your bank accountt, a guide for Depositing can be found there: Depositing money from Entropia Universe, alternative methods to get PED are discussed there: About Making Money in Entropia Universe.

General information[edit]

When withdrawing money the in-game PED are transfered to a regular bank account. Fees are charged on withdrawals at 1% with a minimum fee of 100 PED (10 USD). Withdrawals are processed within 40 working days and can be made in a choice of 8 currencies based on exchange rates provided by the European Central Bank.

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