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Controlling creatures

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The ability for players to temporarily control creatures (=assume the role of a creature) is a feature of Entropia Universe.

How to control creatures[edit]

By consuming a Creature Control Capsule you can transform into a creature and gain it’s abilities, this will lock most actions and open up a new creature UI.

To consume the capsule locate the capsule icon in your inventory (open the inventory by using the "I" key (default) and look in the Materials section), right click the icon and select "Consume". Your Avatar will now swallow the capsule and transform into the creature.

Transforming into a creature requires some space around your Avatar. Capsules may also be tied to specific planets and not work on your current location. Pay attention to the Main chat window for any error messages as it will help in resolving problems.

Creature Control Capsules can be found in creature loot. The capsules can be traded between participants, e.g. in the Entropia Auction.

While in creature form you can harm other avatars even in safe zones, but they can also harm you.

The duration of the transformation is controlled by a timer, however it is possible to extend the time using the "Add time" feature.

Once you have a consumed a capsule the Mob Control Interface for the creature or robot in question will appear on your screen.

Creature control interface[edit]

Big Bulk Creature Control interface.png

The control interface includes (read from the top left):

  • Kill counter: Keeps track of every unique avatar you kill during a session.
  • Monster name: Name and level of the transformed creature.
  • Healthbar: The health of the controlled creature. When health reaches 0 the creature dies and the creature control session ends.
  • Ability slots: Lists the creatures abilities.
  • Reload bar: The attack selected and the reload time is displayed here.
  • Time bar: Your duration timer as a creature is displayed here.
  • Add time button: The option to buy more time will become available when there is less than 5 minutes left of the session.

Creature control facts[edit]

  • As a creature you are anonymous, i.e. other Avatars can not see your Avatar identity.
  • Planet specific creature capsules can only be used on corresponding planets.
  • Dying in creature form will end the transformation and send you to nearest revive terminal.
  • You cannot swim and will drown while in creature form after being submerged for 10 seconds.
  • While in creature form you will not take fall damage.
  • Creatures need clear open area to be able to spawn, bigger the creature, bigger area.
  • Defense turrets can not harm you in creature form.
  • A new Hall of Fame section shows the top Creature Control players. Press the "F" key (default) and then browse to the "Kills as Creature" section to view.

Creature Control Capsules[edit]

Creature Control Capsule - Big Bulk.jpg

Development roadmap[edit]

Creature Control System Stage 1 - (Planned for June 2014 Release)[edit]

"You may already be aware of a new feature introduced not long ago which allows officials and planet partners to control various creatures during special events. This system will be extended to participants in the form of Creature Control Capsules, consumable items that will allow you to transform your avatar into a specific creature for a limited time. This fun feature will be made available exclusively through the loot system, and will be monitored closely to prevent abuse." - Source and discussion:

Creature Control System Stage 2 - (Planned for Winter 2014 Release)[edit]

"Through a new Battle Octagon interface, your avatar will be able to control various creatures and challenge other avatars to battle in special CCS octagons. With lots of options for attack and defense customisation, each battle promises to be unique and exciting, especially considering the possibility of creatures and robots from different planets engaging in reckless combat against one another!" - Source and discussion:




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