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Entropia News: Communication and development roadmap

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, May 28, 2014.

  1. Communication and development roadmap

    Dear Entropians,

    Given the real-cash aspect of the Entropia Universe economy, it has historically been MindArk’s policy to be very careful when releasing information related to future development plans, mainlyr to prevent undue disruption of the economy. However, considering the plethora of information channels now available to participants to stay up to date on official Entropia Universe and Planet Partner announcements (the Client Loader, Facebook, Entropia Buzz, information from which is also syndicated on many community and planet forums), MindArk has made a decision to be more active in sharing its future development plans with participants.

    And the sharing starts now!

    Below is a summary of some of the projects the MindArk design and development teams are currently focused on. In future communications we will give increasingly more detailed information on each of these projects, and announce additional projects as they become closer to implementation.

    Client & Server Stability

    MindArk’s highest priority during the next several releases will be improving stability of the Entropia Universe client. Several of the most common causes of recent client crashes have been identified and our developers are hard at work on resolving those to improve the Entropia Universe experience for all participants.

    New Player Experience

    Ongoing improvements to the New Player Experience have been implemented with every platform and planet partner release so far this year. These efforts will continue to be a top priority during the rest of 2014 and into 2015 in order to maximise the marketing efforts of MindArk and the planet partners.

    Creature Control System Stage 1 - (Planned for June 2014 Release)

    You may already be aware of a new feature introduced not long ago which allows officials and planet partners to control various creatures during special events. This system will be extended to participants in the form of Creature Control Capsules, consumable items that will allow you to transform your avatar into a specific creature for a limited time. This fun feature will be made available exclusively through the loot system, and will be monitored closely to prevent abuse.

    Taming Stage 1 - (Planned for Autumn 2014 Release)

    Some of you will be happy to hear that we plan to (finally) reintroduce Taming to Entropia Universe. In the first stage the core functionality will be quite similar to the original taming system, with added improvements to usability and fun-factor. Initially, pets will be to able accompany your avatar in its Entropia Universe travels, with more pet abilities and features planned for later stages (see below).

    PVP Improvements - (Planned for Autumn 2014 Release)

    Various improvements to PVP combat have already been implemented this year and more are planned after the summer, including adjustments to the landgrab and fort systems.

    Taming Stage 2 - (Planned for Late 2014 / Early 2015 Release)

    In this stage it is planned to implement additional skill-based taming abilities which will expand the capabilities of tamed creatures beyond the pre-VU10 taming system. In addition, a limited number of stables will be made available that will fulfill various roles within the taming system such as stabling, feeding, expert training, trading and more.

    Creature Control System Stage 2 - (Planned for Winter 2014 Release)

    Through a new Battle Octagon interface, your avatar will be able to control various creatures and challenge other avatars to battle in special CCS octagons. With lots of options for attack and defense customisation, each battle promises to be unique and exciting, especially considering the possibility of creatures and robots from different planets engaging in reckless combat against one another!

    Taming Stage 3 - (Planned for Early 2015 Release)

    Battle Arenas will be introduced which will allow tamed creatures to battle one another. Each battle will be unique, with a wide range of offensive and defensive pet buffs and upgrades along with customisable attack and defense profiles.

    Web-Based Battle Arena - (Planned for Early 2015 Release)

    A web-based Battle Arena game is planned for early 2015. The game will be developed as a cross-platform solution available on the web and for mobile devices, and will have direct ties to the Entropia Universe taming system. Players will have the opportunity to acquire, upgrade and customise their pets for battle against the pets of others.

    Entropia Universe participants will have the ability to acquire Battle Arena Deeds and share in the revenue and excitement of the Battle Arena action. 200,000 Battle Arena Deeds will be offered via the Entropia Universe in-game auction and upcoming webshop at 100 PED each. Revenues generated from the Battle Arena Deed offering will be used exclusively for Battle Arena development and marketing. More detailed information about the Battle Arena Deeds will be made available very soon.

    Affiliate System - (Planned for Early 2015 Release)

    Work is moving forward on the affiliate program mentioned in the State of the Universe Address 2014, though the expected release date has been revised to 2015 due to integration requirements with other planned projects.

    Citizenship & Political System - (Planned for Early 2015 Release)

    The announced political and housing system is still in the initial design and development stage. As with the taming system, we expect to roll out this system in several stages during 2015. Further information will be made available as each development milestone draws closer.


    David Simmonds
    CEO MindArk PE AB


    Further info:

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  2. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    id guess in the end 2 out of the 10 Is done until next "update"
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

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  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    not sure if those images show Pets, or user controlled mobs, either way it looks like some interesting changes coming.
  5. What a giant load of bullshit.
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  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    no really, how do you feel about it?
  7. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    sadly when they spend a month on graphics I fear they spend less time on quality coding.... but who knows
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    The biggest issue in recent years is an overall drop in Markup across all professions due to saturated markets and a lack of luxury/frivolous/etc... activities. (taming/housing/ava customization/mini games/etc....)

    This is a step in the right direction towards correcting that.
    We can only hope that it is successful, and that people enjoy it.
  9. Sounds interesting. Let us see what comes of it.

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  10. More interested in their latest announcement and how it will impact the Entropia Universe product.

    Quote source - http://www.mindark.se/press/press-releases/documents/MindArk-NewPlatformPartners.pdf

    "Dear Entropians,
    Many companies and organizations in various sectors, public and private, have shown interest over the
    years in leveraging the Entropia Universe platform to enhance their own business, products and services. Of
    course, MindArk is always eager to explore new opportunities and will soon be announcing the first such
    partnership project, separate from the existing Entropia Universe product. Full details will be made available
    on the MindArk.com website very soon.
    David Simmonds
    CEO MindArk PE AB"
  11. Also 'Entropia Universe - Monria' is greenlit on steam, however it is the only game pending out of the greenlit for that month still waiting to be released on steam, the three following monthly rounds have been greenlit since and nearly all games released.

    I am concerned at what and where the hold up is ?

    This should bring some new particpants in, hopefully. If it eventuates that is.

  12. Not sure if the developers of Entropia Universe bother to read our input.

    If they are truely serious about improving the Entropia Universe product, can we please finally move forward from the redundant DX9/10 design which is holding so much back and is highly unstable as far as implementing many of the new present day gameplay functionality to DX11 please,

    It is after all Microsoft Windows latest compliancy.

    DX9/10 is now redunant and no longer developed. You need to install it as a seperate out of date addon to windows to run old/out-of-date games.

    Even small titles are finally making the move to the new technology giving them much greater stability and flexibility, not to mention features which can be added to gameplay.

    People can easily upgrade to DX11 cards if they have old systems for under $ 50 USD now which out-perform the latest (eg. AMD 290X) cards running DX9/10 crap.

    Example, Tropico 5 amongst others.


    These models are supported for DX11.

    - Nvidia GeForce 400 series or higher
    - AMD Radeon HD 4000 series or higher
    - Intel HD 4000 series or higher

    While we remain in the dark ages with DX9/10 (Entropia still being DX9) we will never see good performance, stability nor gameplay features available in the gaming market for the past 36 months in Entropia Universe.

    Thanks for listening. If the devs do listen that is, who knows.

    Ps. It would be nice after all to experience my nerw graphics card in Entropia Universe one day like other games present day. Not that it is likely to happen in Entropia for the next 10 years, but you never know, the devs may actually wake up and support such technology for those who invest into their immersion in 'playing games'. Please also enable 4k resolution in the client; having to hack it so to speak to get 4k resolution is not something one likes doing and of course is against the EULA. But you leave us little choice in the matter.


    Your friendly Dynamic CareBear!
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  13. On a side note, please look into DX12 if you are looking to do an update.

    New cards at cheaper prices will rival DX11 cards in features and performance.

    That will be my next upgrade and Ebay for my current high end AMD 295X2 card.


    Ps. Just do something,
    CE2 & DX9 combination is killing the enjoyment of this game vs other games out there to be enjoyed.

    Please also note, Crytek adopts and endorses Mantle API.

    Last edited: May 29, 2014
  14. DX11/12 FTW! For the life of game's sake.

    MindArk, you do after all have your sub available to do the work, put them to good use.


    PG Studios Sa. de. Cv.
    PG Studios Sa. de. Cv. is the MindArk Group's second wholly owned subsidiary located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It has been in operation since January , 2014

    PG Studios provides various services to the parent and sister companies in the group. These services include assisting MindArk in the development of the Entropia Platform and platform marketing towards potential business partners; they assist with first line support and from time to time Planet Partners with graphics and art work
  15. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    One can asume that people that do graphics don't do coding and people that do coding don't do graphics so not realy a concern to me.
  16. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Cryengine 2 doesn't support direct X11 and above. Crytek would have to upgrade the engine first before MA can use it. That is of course if they would use it. :cautious:
  17. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Double post..... :dunno:
  18. pet vixens? Hmm... maybe slavery isn't abolished in Entropia yet? Perhaps it's time for a massive civil war to stop the slavery and abuse of poor pets? :laugh: :bigsmile::boxer::whip: :wine:
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