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Map showing Mentors (and very soon also Disciples-to-be) for easily finding peers in the same timezones speaking the same languages.
Right now this map is linked from Mentoring Guide (which is a part of the Entropia Universe Guide) and the general Mentoring Map. In future it will appear on the ROCKtropia Wiki Portal.

To get yourself on the map:
  1. You need to be logged in on EntropiaPlanets, click here to sign up or login.
  2. Create/edit your participant profile accordingly, click here to do so.
  3. Optional but recommended: Create an Avatar Profile by clicking the "Add Avatar Profile" link appearing below the Participant profile on User: There you can enter information like Home Planet, Society, etc
  4. Create a Mentor Profile by clicking the "Add Mentor Profile" link appearing below the Participant profile on User:
Recent Mentor Map Marker.png
Recent Newbie Map Marker.png

(Click the map markers for further information and a links to user pages)

 Participant CoordinatesCountrySpeaksHome PlanetMentoring BasicsMentoring HuntingMentoring MiningMentoring CraftingAlso teaching
User:Pickle/Mentor Profile/Mentor Profileyesyesyesyes
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