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Entropia Universe features a Mentoring systems that allows players to form a mentor-disciple relationship.

Mentoring in general[edit]

  • In order to become a mentor you have to have an account for at least 6 months and you have to have at least profession level 15 in any profession.
  • A Mentor has to register to become a mentor.
  • A disciple can find a suitable mentor in the mentor registry.
  • A disciple can kick a mentor at any time, and a mentor can kick a disciple. The disciple progress will be lost, but you can restart the process again with a new mentor.
  • The disciple's skill progress is based on the sum of the skills: Anatomy, Geology and Engineering. The starting progress is your current skill when you start. You also have to get three achievements: Team hunt with your mentor, Disciple mining and Disciple manufacturing.
  • A disciple will have the opportunity to rate the mentor when graduating.
  • Both mentor and disciple get gifts if the disciple graduates successfully.
  • Disciples and mentors from the old system will automatically be converted to the new implementation.

From the disciple's perspective[edit]

General tips[edit]

  • Your Mentor should speak your language
  • Your Mentor should live more or less in the same timezone or at least be online when your are


Preconditions to become a disciple[edit]

Preconditions to become a disciple general:

  • You must not be registered at the Mentor Register

Preconditions to become the disciple of a specific mentor:

  • Your mentor has to have an account for at least 6 months
  • Your mentor has to have at least profession level 15 in any profession.
  • Your mentor needs to be registered at the Mentor Register
  • Your highest profession level needs to be lower than your mentor's highest profession level

Note: Even if you have been a mentor already, if you retire from mentor register you can become a disciple.

Finding a mentor[edit]

Mentoring Map banner.png

Recent Mentor Map Marker.png Mentors     Recent Newbie Map Marker.png Disciples     You can click the map markers to see further information and links to the user pages in a pop-up.
For further info about the map (fx how to get yourself on the map) please have a look at Mentoring Map.
Loading map...
MentorCountryLanguagesBasicsHuntingMiningCraftingOther AreasHome PlanetTeaches on CalypsoTeaches on ROCKtropiaTeaches on Next IslandTeaches on ArkadiaTeaches on Cyrene
AgathonPortugalPortugues inglêsYesYesYesNo
AntonioliveiraPortugalPortuguês; English; Français; Italiano; Castellano; Deutsch (nur ein bisschen); Svensk (bâra en bit)YesYesYesYesPlanet Calypso
ArtratUnited Arab EmiratesEnglish and AfrikaansYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNo
AxeMurdererSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesEnglishYesYesYesYesTrading, Calypso, Skype: axemurderer7Planet CalypsoYesNoNoYes
BEERCzech RepublicCzech
YesYesYesYesPlanet Calypso
BelenorCzech RepublicCzech
YesYesNoNoCan also give basic hints on Mining and Crafting.YesNoNoNo
Bruno Brunex MiguelBelgiumPortugues
YesYesYesYesPlanet Calypso
YesYesYesYesPlanet Calypso
If I don't know it I want to learn it! Teach me yours?
YesYesYesYesHow to thrive in Entropia.Planet CalypsoYesNoNoNo
DarkpepeGermanyGerman and EnglishYesYesYesYes
DeadEyeJayCanadaEnglishYesYesYesYesI have been playing for around 10 years. My knowledge of the game is vast. I have mentored several top Entropia avatars such as;

Paris Dub Hilton Tyrone Cobra77 Wonder

Ullish Zenct Free
Evil AeonRussiaEnglish
YesYesYesYesPlanet Calypso
FreedspeakUnited StatesEnglishYesYesYesYesPlanet CalypsoYesNoNoNoNo
Jason Jay CarrEnglandEnglishYesYesYesYesPlanet CalypsoYesNoNoNo
JaywalkerYesYesYesYesI had a strong interest in animal taming under the old system, and look forward to it's return. I am currently a member of a Mothership (MS Noremandie) Crew, specialising in repair, but also doing occasional gunning.Planet CalypsoYesNoYesNo
JennsonGermanyGerman and EnglishYesYesYesYesMentoring economic Aspects of the game, general ettiquette
Jenny ferrSwedenSwedish
English and other Scandinavian languages are understood
NoNoNoNoPlanet ArkadiaNoNoNoNoNo
YesYesYesYesPlanet CalypsoYesNoNoYesNo
Karl CullinaneUSAEnglishYesYesYesYesPlanet ArkadiaYesNoNoYes
Lone Wolf McQuaidUnited StatesEnglishYesYesNoNoPlanet CalypsoYesNoNoNo
Lykke - CyreneDenmarkDanishYesYesNoYesPlanet Cyrene
YesYesYesYesUnderstanding the game economy, how to profit or lose less, how to avoid noob mistakes, getting TelePorts...Planet CalypsoYesNoNoNo
Major ForceAustraliaEnglishYesYesNoNoPlanet Calypso
YesYesNoNoPlanet CalypsoYesNoNoNoNo
Swedish and Norwegian
YesYesYesYesTradeing, Anit-Scam, Tier, space, etc. etc.

Most of the time, I am in space.

I frequently visit Calypso and Arkadia.
Planet CalypsoYesNoNoYes
OlegUnited KingdomEnglishYesYesYesYes
YesYesYesYesPlanet Calypso
NoNoNoNoPlanet ArkadiaNoNoNoNoNo
SashaSDUnited KingdomEnglishYesYesNoNoAre you in need of guidence and help, I am happy to be your mentor. I have over 4 and a half years experience and love to help genuine players.

Having a bit of fun when guiding people is a must!

I am not crafter or miner but can offer limited advice on those subjects, I am however a hunter and armour collector and can offer in depth advice and possibly cake.
Planet Calypso
SofthartUSAEnglishYesYesYesYesCraziness, pet ownership, how to dis-rail forum topics,Next Island
YesYesNoNoYoo!Planet Calypso
English and other Scandinavian languages is understood
YesYesYesYesI´ve been here a long time and if i can´t answer your question i bet i know someone who can. =)Planet Calypso
T79xCzech RepublicCzech
YesYesYesYesPlanet Arkadia
YesYesYesNowiki stuff ;)NoNoNoNo
YesYesYesYesPlanet ArkadiaYesNoNoYesNo

Mentoring Offer[edit]

Disciples Progress and Achievements[edit]

To see your progress as a disciple Right-Click > choose "System" > choose "Mentoring".


For graduating you also need a specific amount of skill gains represented by the accumulated sum of skill gains during the phase of your discipleship in the following three skills:

  • Anatomy (mainly acquired by Hunting)
  • Geology (mainly acquired by Mining)
  • Engineering (mainly acquired by Manufacturing)

Which means you can either concentrate on just one or two of those as well as doing all of them. It's your choice.

Precondition for graduating is also the completion of the following achievemnts:

  • Disciple Hunt
  • Disciple Mining
  • Disciple Manufacturing

Graduation Gifts[edit]

When graduating you receive a Graduation Gift automatically from the system. Gifts might be planet-specific.

Adjusted Pixie:
Adjusted Pixie Armor Stats.png

From the Mentor's perspective[edit]

Preconditions to become a mentor in general:

  • you have to have an account for at least 6 months
  • you have to have at least profession level 15 in any profession.
  • you have to register at the Mentor Registry
    • Right-click >>> Choose "System" >>> Choose "Mentoring"

Preconditions to become the mentor of a specifc disciple:

  • Your highest profession level needs to be higher than the disciples hightest profession level
  • The disciple must not be registered at the Mentor Register

Mentoring Panel and Achievements[edit]

The Mentoring Panel is showing a list of your disciples each with a progress bar and the achievements each has reached.

Your disciple needs to complete all three Achievements to graduate.

How much is needed to graduate[edit]

Disciples Skill Progress 05-10 - 10-18.png

Mentors Gifts[edit]

First Disciple[edit]


  • Hunter Face Guard (M) Mentor Edition
  • Hunter Face Guard (F) Mentor Edition
  • Hunter Foot Guards (M) Mentor Edition
  • Hunter Gloves (F) Mentor Edition
  • Hunter Gloves (M) Mentor Edition
  • Hunter Harness (M) Mentor Edition
  • Hunter Shin Guards (M) Mentor Edition
  • Hunter Thigh Guards (F) Mentor Edition
  • Hunter Thigh Guards (M) Mentor Edition


  • Castorian Survival EnBlade-3 Mentor Edition
  • Corrosive Attack Chip III Mentor Edition

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