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Participant Profile Edit Pencil.png
User Name Freedspeak
Gender (M)
Languages English
Country United States.gif United States
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Avatar Profile Edit Pencil.png
Avatar Name Hawkwind Hawk Lonewolf
Avatar Gender (M)
Society Please add your Society.
Home Planet Planet Calypso
Place Of Arrival
Date Of Arrival 2013/05

Mentor Profile Edit Pencil.png
Subjects this mentor is mentoring
Basics (Yes)
Hunting (Yes)
Mining (Yes)
Crafting (Yes)
Planets this mentor is mentoring on
Calypso (Yes)
ROCKtropia X (No)
Next Island X (No)
Arkadia X (No)
Cyrene X (No)
Further info
Further Info I make no promises of riches, but I will do my best to help you gain the skills you need. I hunt and mine and can guide you in crafting also. I will give you what tips I can, and let you know of web resources that are available.
I will require that you be dedicated to improving yourself, and willing to invest the time required.
I am on most evenings and on weekends, times will vary.
I work on Calypso.
Located eastern U.S. for time reference.

I work on Calypso.

Located eastern U.S. for time reference.