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*Approximate Entropia Universe Time in the moment the page has been rendered!

All time related events in Entropia Universe refer to Entropia Universe Time (EUT) which is equal to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Entropia Universe Time is still often refered to as "MA time" (MindArk time) like is was used to be called a few years back.

You can find a clock showing the current Entropia Universe Time in the top-right corner of this wiki.

In game the current Entropia Universe Time can be displayed in your personal chat by pressing U.

Playing with other people from all over the world = different time zones it could be quite useful to get to know what local time they have.

How to add Entropia Universe Time to your Windows taskbar[edit]

Follow below video for adding additional clocks and choose "UTC - Coordinated Universal Time" for the respective field. Of ourse this can be adopted for other timezones too.


Timeszones, offsets, DST[edit]

UST/EUT time zones and offsets rough (click to enlarge)
UST/EUT timeszones offset

UST/EUT time zones and offsets detailed (click to enlarge)
UST/EUT timeszones offset

Offsets might differ due to DST (Daylight Saving Time)

Daylight Saving Time World Subdivisions(click to enlarge)
Daylight Saving Time World Subdivisions
DST observed - DST no longer observed - DST never observed

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