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The goal of this project is to set up an archive for the history of Entropia Universe and make it available for public in various ways.

One way would be the Timeline you can see further below.

Each record itself can host a huge amount of information, for an example see the Harbinger Event.

The chaotic appearance of this page will shift to a somewhat tidy and styled look with the project proceeding.

Everyone is encouraged to join the project.

Meanwhile several sub-project emerged:

  • Version Updates: The idea is to turn Version Updates into structured data using a form. Doing that they will appear in the timeline, calendar, etc. automatically. Project VUs is closed and the database up-to-date. Check it out: Version Updates
  • Entropia Universe Holidays: The idea is to introduce Entropia Holidays. Some are already confirmed and appear in the timeline, calendar, etc. automatically each year. A couple of more could be added.
  • Entropia Today: Entropia Today is a module showing events of the current day like Holidays, VUs, Competitions, etc. Entropia Today is available in the form of an RSS item to be embedded in websites.
EntropiaToday (Sunday, 05 July 2020)
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