Planet Calypso Content Release 2011.3

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3 Areas to connect Eudoria and Amethera, new creatures, new missions
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Logo Planet Calypso 16px.png Planet Calypso
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Official Release Notes[edit]




It is now possible for a single creature to have many different attacks to choose between when fighting a colonist. This includes area of effect attacks as well as attacks based on a percentage of the victims current HP. This will present an exiting new challenge for experienced colonists. For the time being this feature has only been enabled on the Rextelum.

It is now possible for missions to consume actual items, this makes it possible to have mission characters that can trade with player avatars.

Planet Calypso will start handing out "Missions Tokens" as rewards for the completion of most of the missions added from now on. The mission tokens are trade-able and can be used to purchase various items from mission NPCs. The items that can be bought with the tokens has no fixed token price. The number of tokens needed to buy an item can fluctuate with supply and demand.


  • Three new areas have been discovered in the strait between Amethera and Eudoria, linking the two continents together.
  • Two new creatures have been found in the new areas, the Rextelum and the Traeskeron.
  • Many new missons have been implemented.
  • Daikiba's have once again been sighted near Port Atlantis.
  • The peninsula above Treasure Island has sunk into the sea.
  • A lot of new items are waiting to be discovered.


  • Added gun turrets to Minopolis.


  • It is possible to fall through the floor at certain places in the Ringhorne.
  • Some visual issues may be experienced when teleporting to the Ringhorne.
  • Traeskerons sometimes drown in seemingly shallow water.
  • It is not possible to purchase the detectonator from the Marker Trader.

Further Information[edit]

New Server Areas[edit]

Calypso update will feature 3 new server areas to connect Eudoria and Amethera.

Mount Hephastos
Mount Hephastos Map.jpg

Some of the new Outposts:

  • Fort Victoria
  • Jamesons Reach
  • Naval Station Triton
  • Odysseus Landing
  • Camp Poseidon

Partial list of creatures that will be spawning in a good amount on the new areas:

  • Aetherex
  • Atrax
  • Rextelum
  • Mermoth
  • Daikiba
  • Gokibusagi
  • Sabakuma
  • Tripudion
  • Leviathan
  • Rippersnapper
  • Formacicida
  • Allophyl
  • Chirpy
  • Diripi
  • Pupugi
  • Traeskeron

New creatures[edit]

  • The Rextelum will have different damage types linked to its different attack animations. For example if it punches you with a claw you might take a lot of impact damage but if it strikes with its stinger you take stab and acid damage.
Rextelum Preview Screenshot


The Traeskeron was first discovered by Dr H.J. Zeidler during Governor Jamesons expedition to the unexplored region between Amethera and Eudoria. It was quickly classified as beloning to the same family as the Proteron.

It is thought that a small population of Proterons became isolated from the rest when the old continent split in two. Over the next several million years they evolved into a creature much more suitable to the new environment.

The lack of predators and the scarcity of nourishment lead the Traeskeron to become significantly smaller than its cousin although it is still capable of defending itself.

The Traeskerons are known to live in large herds which are always lead by a matriarch.

  • an acid spitting 50 meter tall boss mob
  • Hussk will do this 95% of current hp damage attack to everyone within the attack radius and then its up to player to heal as fast as they can before his other attacks begin killing you off. Clarification: Percentage of current HP damage does not deal decay to armor.
  • He can only be spawned by players through a quest, this quest requires items for completion that has a low drop chance from several new wave spawn bosses.
  • hes spawned in a cave that he cant leave. And neither can anyone else for that matter since the only way to enter is to jump through a hole in the ceiling and land in a pool of water.
  • its a PvP area, it will be in your interest to have a dedicated defense team at the dungeon entrance. Killing an enemy will really mean something here since both teleportations and flying vehicles are disabled in the region and its a darn long hike from the closest outpost.

Hussk Preview Screenshot

Updated creatures graphics[edit]

  • Mermoth
    Mermoth new.jpg
  • Formacicida

New missions[edit]

  • a lot of storyline missions
  • as well as repeatable ones
  • a method of using tokens as quest rewards and as a currency for other items
Quest Items Concept Art

Quest Items 3D Renders: Rextelum Venom Sample, Infestation Sample

New armor[edit]

  • introducing armors with respectable acid protection
  • "Mod Pixie Armor"
    The mod pixie armor set is actually part of the graduation package rewarded to disciples. Right now were thinking of giving them a vehicle, a tp chip and a random piece of mod pixie armor.
    Stats: Stab 6, Cut 8, Impact 11 and then 5 in cold, acid and electric. Double the TT value of regular pixie and double +200 in durability.

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