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Release Date::2011/10/18
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Planet Calypso Content Release 2011.3, Planet Arkadia Update 2011.6
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Official Release Notes[edit]

Planet-Specific Releases

Integrated planet content into Entropia Universe:

  • Calypso
  • ROCKtropia
  • Arkadia
  • The Thing

Visit each planet page for more information.

Further Information[edit]

These are assumptions:

Improvements to creatures and their AI[edit]

The creatures will now be able to alternate between different types of attacks each with their own set parameters and animations/sounds/particles.

The monsters will also have the ability to do AOE attacks that strike all players within a specific radius. These attacks can deal either regular damage or damage based on a percentage of the avatars current HP.

Coming later:

  1. Damage over time effects togeather with AOE application of the same.
  2. Creatures using mindforce.
  3. Creatures using projectiles that can be avoided.

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