Planet Arkadia Resources

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ResourcesOriginMaterial TypeKgTTRefines ToAmountRec LvlMax LvlSource 
Aakas AlloyPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.020.1Aakas Plating3Mined
Aakas TexturePlanet ArkadiaTailoring Materials2Crafted
Aarkan PelletsPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.020.02Aarkan Polymer3Mined
Aarkan TexturePlanet ArkadiaTexture Materials0.156Crafted
Arkace VeneerPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials00.0122.5Refined
Beladoth Back SpikePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials3.5Looted
Beladoth HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials1.5Beladoth Leather3Looted
Bokol Spinal PlatePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.12.5Looted
Carabok HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.02Carabok Leather3Looted
Carabok LeatherPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.06Refined
Carabok Leather TexturePlanet ArkadiaTexture Materials0.010Crafted
ChemSetPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.020.3Binding Epoxy3Mined
Corria VeneerPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials2.10.0147.5Refined
Firn VeneerPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.30.0122.5Refined
Fossil ToothPlanet ArkadiaTreasures0.030.03Refined
Hadraada HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.25Hadraada Leather3Looted
Halix HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.05Halix Leather3Looted
Halix LeatherPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.15Refined
Halix Leather TexturePlanet ArkadiaTexture Materials0.043Crafted
Huon HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials1.2Huon Leather3Looted
Huon Tail SpikePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials3.8Looted
Jori HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.03Jori Leather3Looted
Jori Leather TexturePlanet ArkadiaTexture Materials0.032Crafted
Jori Pectoral FinPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.25Looted
Kadra HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials1Kadra Leather3Looted
Kadra PawPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.13.2Looted
Kamaldon LeatherPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials7.2Refined
Kamaldon Upper MandiblePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.14.5Looted
Khorudoul ExtrusionPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.020.08Khorudoul Polymer3Mined
Kiana HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.6Kiana Leather3Looted
Korwil LeatherPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials5.4Refined
Korwil PawPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.14.2Looted
Madana LeatherPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials1.2Refined
Madana Leather TexturePlanet ArkadiaTexture Materials0.2919Crafted
Madana Leg FurPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.11.5Looted
Nusul HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.15Nusul Leather3Looted
Nusul Leather TexturePlanet ArkadiaTexture Materials0.010.1111Crafted
Oro HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.1Oro Leather3Looted
Oro LeatherPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.3Refined
Oro Leather TexturePlanet ArkadiaTexture Materials0.075Crafted
Ostelok HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.04Ostelok Leather3Looted
Ostelok Leather TexturePlanet ArkadiaTexture Materials0.041Crafted
Otorugi HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.8Otorugi Leather3Looted
Oweko HidePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.5Oweko Leather3Looted
Oweko LeatherPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials1.5Refined
Part Of Brass AlloyPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.10.123Mined
Part Of Bronze AlloyPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.20.13Mined
Part Of Flint Arrow HeadPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.150.083Mined
Part Of Flint Axe HeadPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.10.063Mined
Part Of Fly AmberPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.10.13Mined
Part Of Fossil AmmonitePlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.040.023Mined
Part Of Fossil ToothPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.020.01Fossil Tooth3Mined
Part Of Mosquito AmberPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.250.33Mined
Riptor Tail SegmentPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials0.11.8Looted
Scoria LeatherPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials1.35Refined
Scoria Leather TexturePlanet ArkadiaTailoring Materials0.319.2Crafted
Songkra AlloyPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.020.25Songkra Plating3Mined
Songtil AgentPlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.020.06Balancing Agent3Mined
Teladon LeatherPlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials6Refined
Tiarak Leather TexturePlanet ArkadiaTexture Materials0.1513Crafted
Vedacore FibrePlanet ArkadiaTreasure Parts0.020.15Vedacore Polymer3Mined
Yuka Spinal PlatePlanet ArkadiaNatural Materials4.8Looted
Total: 62

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Name Refines to
30px Zulax Stone 30px Zulax Ingot
30px Kaz Stone 30px Kaz Ingot
30px Telfium Stone 30px Telfium Ingot
30px Banite Stone 30px Banite Ingot
30px Hebredite Stone 30px Hebredite Ingot
30px Veda Stone 30px Veda Ingot
30px Ospra Stone 30px Ospra Ingot
30px Yulerium Stone 30px Yulerium Ingot
30px Lidacon Stone 30px Lidacon Ingot
30px Wenrex Stone 30px Wenrex Ingot


Name Refines to
30px Hydrogen Steam 30px Hydrogen Gas
30px Florican Mist 30px Florican Spray
30px Vorn Pellets 30px Vorn Plastic
30px Pel Crystals 30px Pel Liquid
30px Zolphic Oil 30px Zolphic Grease
30px Xelo Haze 30px Xelo Vapour
30px Quil Sap 30px Quil Rubber
30px Somin Tar 30px Somin Glue
30px Star Particles 30px Star Dust
30px Edres Resin 30px Edres Varnish