Item:Aarkan Pellets

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Name Aarkan Pellets
Picture 148px
Origin Planet Arkadia
Material Properties
Material Type Treasure Parts
Weight (kg) 0.02
Value (TT) 0.02
Refines To Aarkan Polymer
Amount 3
Recommended Level
Maxed Level
Source Mined
Additional Info
Version Update 12.6.3


This is a raw Treasure material found on Planet Arkadia, and can be refined into Aarkan Polymer for use in manufacturing.

Aarkan Polymer can then further be used to create Aarkan Texture.

This material was catalogued by the Archaeological Society after several ancient documents were transladed by Dr. Sundari Zhen.

According to Dr. Zhen's transcripts, these pellets were first discovered in the "Dehera" region near the ancient fortress town of "Aarkan". However, later translations reveal that they can apparently be discovered all over Arkadia.

Contributors: Chazlow