Next Island Content Release 04 Oct 2011

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Next Island Content Release 04 Oct 2011
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Official Release Notes[edit]

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Further Information[edit]

Shepherd's Beach[edit]

This isn't a wholly new location as much adding new content to what is already there. You probably have this teleporter point already... under a different name....

Here’s a workstation where an eccentric First Wave explorer develops his scientific breakthroughs.

New missions[edit]

New missions introducing the storyline to be continued in the releases.

  • Inventing a color
    This story involves Dr. Tom Shepherd, the xenobotanist from the Elysian Transmission, reveals more of the Elysian backstory and makes sneaky references characters to be introduced in upcoming releases.
    Inventing a color.jpg
New blueprints and items[edit]
  • Elysian Colorator:
  • Optimus Prime Helmet
    Part of the Transformers 3 cooperation
    What or who is Optimus Prime? - Wikipedia: Optimus Prime

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