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Moblist thumb Feffoid.png
Name Feffoid     Combat
Origin Planet Calypso     Attacks
Destination(s) Calypso     Range
Class Mutant     Aggression
Movement     Tamable No
Sweatable No     Version Update





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Feffoid Mission Chain (6)[edit]
Moblist thumb feffoid.png Feffoid Mission Chain
Mission Name Start Location Broker Name Objective Reward
Iron Challenge: 100 Feffoid Junkyard Bar at
Fort Fury
??? Kill 100 Feffoid + 1 Agility
Iron Challenge: 500 Feffoid Kill 500 Feffoid 250 Nova Fragments
Iron Challenge: 1,000 Feffoid Kill 1,000 Feffoid + 1 Strength
Iron Challenge: 5,000 Feffoid Kill 5,000 Feffoid 1000 Nova Fragments
Iron Challenge: 10,000 Feffoid Kill 10,000 Feffoid
Bronze Feffoid Challenge Kill 10,000 Feffoid min. mat. ?
  • ???
  • ???


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Calypso map empty.jpgNo Feffoid spawns locations documented yet!No Feffoid mission locations documented yet!

No Feffoid spawns documented yet!

Creature Control[edit]

Creature Control documentation methods are not done yet!


* the average number of kills this item usually needs to drop at least once

Item Frequency Last VU
Advanced Strategic Combat Processor Rare 9.4.4
Advanced Target Assessment Unit Rare 10.2.2
Angel Harness Extremely rare Unknown
Angel Helmet Extremely rare 8.6.4
Angel Shin guards Extremely rare 9.4.3
Angel Thigh guards Extremely rare 8.5.1
Animal Adrenal Oil Very often 10.3.1
Animal Eye Oil Very often 10.3.1
Animal Hide Very often 10.3.1
Animal Oil Residue Very often 10.3.1
Animal Pancreas Oil Uncommon 10.2.2
Animal Thyroid Oil Very often 10.3.1
Assassin R150 (L) No longer drops 8.8.1
Basic Electronic Fluid Memory Unknown 9.3.6
Basic Gem Extractor Rare 10.1
Basic Metal Extractor Unknown 9.4.3
Basic Scanning Sensor Rare 10.0.13
Basic Strategic Combat Processor Rare 9.4.1
Basic Target Assessment Unit Rare 10.0.14
Basic Wood Extractor Unknown 10.0.14
Emerald Extremely rare 9.3.2
Empty Skill Implant (L) Rare 10.0
Energetic Bunny No longer drops 9.4.4
Enhanced Metal Extractor Rare 10.0.14
Explosive Projectiles Often 10.2.2
Face Paint (Dark Green) Rare 9.3.2
Face Paint (Grey) Unknown 9.1.6
Fine Hide Uncommon 10.2.2
Fine Wool Uncommon 10.2.2
Heal Chip Lesser Uncommon 10.0
Isis BL1000 (L) Event 9.3.8
Isis LR32 (L) Rare 10.2.2
Isis LR48 (L) Event 9.3.8
Korss H400 Extremely rare 9.3.5
Korss H400 (L) Common 10.2.1
Korss H400 (L) Adjusted Extremely rare 10.2.2
Korss H400 (L) Improved Extremely rare 10.2.2
Light BLP Pack Often 10.2.2
Light Weapon Cells Often 10.2.2
Lipstick (Auburn) Rare 9.4.4
Lipstick (Black) Rare 9.2.3
Lipstick (Cardinal) Rare 9.3.4
Lipstick (Pink-Orange) Rare 10.0.14
Marber Foxtrot-Type Plasma Annihilator Rare 9.3.6
Martial Foot Guards (L) Rare 9.3.6
Martial Harness (L) Rare 10.2
Martial Harness, SGA Edition Unknown Unknown
Medium BLP Pack Often 10.2.2
Medium Weapon Cells Often 10.2.2
Note Event 9.0.3
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-15 No longer drops 7.8
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-69, SGA Edition Event Unknown
Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Modified No longer drops 6.0
Paint Can (Blue) Uncommon 10.0.14
Paint Can (Brown) Often 9.4.4
Paint Can (Burgundy) Rare 9.4.4
Paint Can (Burnt Umber) Rare 9.4.4
Paint Can (Dark Blue) Rare 10.1
Paint Can (Dark Lavender) Unknown 9.4.4
Paint Can (Deep Cadmium) Common 10.0.12
Paint Can (Light Green) Rare 10.0.10
Paint Can (Mauve) Rare 9.3.6
Paint Can (Navy) Rare 9.3.5
Paint Can (Olive) Uncommon 10.0.14
Paint Can (Pink) Rare 9.2
Paint Can (Turqoise) Rare 9.3.6
Paint Can (Umber) Rare 9.3.8
Paint Can (Violet Cream) Often 10.2.2
Riker UL1 Extremely rare 9.4.4
Riker UL1 (L) Rare 10.2
Riker UL3 (L) Rare 10.3
Robot Capacitor Unknown 7.2
Rouge (Carnation Pink) Rare 10.0.14
Salamander Harness Extremely rare Unknown
Soft Hide Common 10.2.2
Starkhov AS-97 Adjusted Extremely rare 8.5.1
Thin Wool Common 10.2.2
Thunderbird Arm guards Extremely rare Unknown
Thunderbird Arm guards (L) Uncommon 10.2.2
Thunderbird Gloves (L) Event 9.3.8
Thunderbird Helmet Unknown 10.0.14
Thunderbird Helmet (L) Common 10.2.1
Tiger Arm Guards (L) Unknown 9.3.8
Tiger Helmet Event 8.9.2
Unique Green Atrox Queen Egg Event 8.5.1
Wool Often 10.2.2



ID Value Date Maturity Old Avatar
01 38785 2009/04/28 Champion Elite Team "The Great White North"
02 19231 2009/03/03 Warlord Team "SWE Hunt = LA 55 Exo paradise ="
04 17774 2008/05/26 Berserker Cosmic Cosmo Ray
05 16792 Unknown Raider Milk MilkeN eN
06 15874 2009/09/07 Hunter Tofslan Tofflan Mumindal
07 15779 2009/08/23 Guard Kane Vampire Red
08 15638 2008/08/23 Guard Truxus Trux Tee
09 15579 2009/07/22 Guard Steve Mischief Sunderland
10 15437 2008/05/25 Bandit Team "LV Army Zutis un Sifozais"
11 15147 2008/12/06 Raider Elden Ender Isken
12 14735 2009/10/23 Hunter Meya Mya Fernz
13 14582 2009/06/18 Bandot Frank Iceman Springstead
14 14059 Unknown Champion REQ SPANKED PWNED
15 13961 2008/06/05 Bandit Will Convict Henceforth


Taming has not been re-implemented yet.

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