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Creature Profile
Profile-Swamplurker.jpg Mob Info   Damage Types
Name Swamp Lurker Stab (%) 0
Origin Planet Cyrene Cut (%) 0
Destinations Cyrene Impact (%) 0
Class Humanoid Penetration (%) 0
Movement Running Shrapnel (%) 0
Aggression Burn (%) 0
Combat Close Cold (%) 0
Range (m) Acid (%) 0
Attacks (/m) Electric (%) 0
Swamplurkers are reptilian swamp-dwelling creatures. They roam the swamplands looking for prey. Unfortunately for everything in the swamps, anything and everything is on the menu. Having huge jaws in their midsection with abnormally powerful teeth, the Swamplurker tastes first and decides if it likes it later. They tend to gather and hunt in packs but may also wander the swamps alone looking for a new pack. Highly poisonous, the Swamplurker uses neurotoxins to paralyze its prey as it consumes it alive. Luckily, these creatures have little by way of defense so it is best to be offensive when confronted with the Swamplurker attacking.
Maturity HP Regen Speed Max Dmg Level Sweat Health Level Dmg Potential Agility Intel Psyche Stamina Strength
Swamp Lurker Young 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Swamp Lurker Prime 10 2 10 1 1 1 1 1
Mission Mission Chain Mission Giver Position Start Condition Objective Reward VU
Hollingsworth's other task! (?????, ?????, ?????) Help the Cap'n, Goto (128173,83668) and kill 20 Swamp Lurker 1 Imperium Armor Plating I (~1.00 PED TT) 12.6.0
Locations [edit]
Creature:Swamp Lurker/Locations