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Considerations before joining Entropia Universe

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Most important: Choosing a Planet[edit]

Let's put the most important consideration before even creating an account at the very beginning. Creating an account via the website of a specific Planet Partner decides on which Planet you start playing. Choosing the "right" planet is of utmost importance to avoid starting in a non-preferred environment and to avoid spending money as consequence of this decision.

Read Choosing a Planet to start on to learn more.

Basic Considerations[edit]

  • Entropia Universe is to some extent a "Sandbox game" with the according advantages and disadvantages
  • Compared to other MMOGs Entropia Universe is considered to have a relatively mature player base
  • Entropia Universe can be addictive

Making money in Entropia Universe?[edit]

Many people are lured into joining Entropia Universe by the opportunity to "make money" in Entropia Universe.

Unfortunately the opportunities for making money are very limited and most likely playing the game how it is supposed to be played will cost some money.

Read more in the dedicated article About Making Money in Entropia Universe.


Since all planet share the same game mechanics gameplay should not differ much from planet to planet. Below a video showing avatar creation and gameplay at Calypso Gateway - the beginners area on Planet Calypso.

Planet Calypso Gameplay - First Look
Showing a lot of Calypso Gateway
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Video by

System Requirements[edit]

-> System Requirements

Legal Matters[edit]

-> Legal Matters

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