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Arthur's Island Tours: Part Three

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Official guide created by Next Island! Source: Arthur's Island Tours: Part Three

Continuation of Arthur’s Island Tours: Part Two

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Did you have a nice nap? Well, I’ve really only been gone for an hour. I thought I’d be longer, but I couldn’t find my friend. Instead I went home and changed my shoes, I’m getting a horrible blister, and had a nice dinner. I’m so sorry! I should have thought to invite you…how horribly rude on my part. I can assure you that I didn’t know there would be dinner…it’s just that I got home and my mother had been cooking a nice pie. Oh! I shouldn’t have told you about the pie. If someone even mentions pie to me I can’t stop thinking about it until I’ve had some. Do you have that problem too? No? I thought everyone had that problem…

Anyway, let’s take a look at our objectives by opening up the Quest/Mission Log. Right…in my pie euphoria I’d forgotten that our goal was to try and convince Mary to give us some Time Crystals. I feel I should again mention that although Mary is a lovely person, er…robot, she can be quite tricky to reason with. I will shamefacedly admit that I once asked her to loan me some PED, but no amount of argument or entreaty would convince her. What did I want to buy? Well, I saw this lovely blue blouse up for auction…no, not for me! I have a dear, dear friend who I think would look very (blush) beautiful in that color. But, as I was saying…I will try to think of some good arguments to give Mary, but we may need to enlist the help of other Islanders as well. Let’s talk to Samuel again and see if he has any suggestions.

Hmmm, the argument that Samuel thought of is rather interesting. Let’s go speak with Mary and see if it works!

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 02.jpg

Go ahead and choose the argument that Samuel gave us. I’ve highlighted it in green so that there is no confusion…Oh no! I didn’t mean to suggest that you were the type to be confused…Let’s just see what she says.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 03.jpg

She appears to have rejected Samuel’s argument. Let’s go have a word with Fyodor and see if he has any ideas for us.

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Hello there, Fyodor. How have you been? Oh, very well, thank you. Well, very well until now. You see we need to convince Mary to give us some Time Travel Crystals so that we can unravel the secrets behind the disappearance of the First Wavers, but she can be quite stubborn. Do you have any suggestions for how we might persuade her?

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Hmmm, yes. That just might work. We’ll need to appeal to her humanity rather than her logic…only she isn’t human. What would you call it then? Sorry, Fyodor! I don’t mean to offend. I am still adjusting to the differences between robot and human culture. Well, it was nice to see you. Let’s head back to Mary and try out our argument.

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Let’s select the second argument option and see what she says. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we are successful…I must admit though that crossing my fingers is a bit uncomfortable. What a strange practice…

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Bahhh! Forgive me. It felt like the only way to properly express my frustration at her rejecting our argument for the second time. Let me think for a moment…We could try visiting my mother and asking for her advice, but I am concerned that she would greatly delay our leaving or even try and convince us out of it. She considers teleporters to be dangerous because I lost my hearing for a few days when I first journeyed here. I don’t even like to imagine what she would say if she discovered we were planning on taking a trip through time and space!

I need some time to think…Would you be willing to accompany me back to the area where we first met? Remember the teleporter you arrived on? The big banner? The monkey? Well there really can’t be too many places on the island that meet that description. I left my diary back there on the table. It always helps my thinking process to write things out until I arrive at a suitable conclusion…please don’t mention to anyone that I have a diary…or that I leave it out in the open. There are some things best kept secret.

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Ah hah! I think I’ve got it!!! After an hour and a half of feverish scribblings I believe I’ve hit upon a solution to our problem, an argument that Mary is incapable of refusing. I know it’s a bit silly, but would you humor me by conversing with me so I can give you the information in a dramatic reveal? Go ahead and give me a NIK, Next Islander Knock, and then I’ll tell you everything…

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 09.jpg

Are you beginning to see where I am going with this?

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 10.jpg

Do you see! We tried applying to both her logic and her humanity, but we forgot the most basic fact. Mary is a robot. We should have just applied to her programming from the very beginning as it is the root of her being. Let’s return and, fingers crossed, ouch, we will have our Time Crystals.

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Go ahead and select the third available option and then let’s see what she has to say.

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Hooray!!! She agrees to the validity of our argument.

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Ah! The Time Travel Crystals have such a pleasing shape. Can I hold one? I promise not to drop it…well I guess we only have three so you’d better hold them. Thank you very much, Mary. We will only use them for good.

Now that we’ve found the Time Travel Crystals our next goal is to locate my…friend Io. This is a mission well worth our time. She is a lovely girl. I will be very pleased to have you meet her…actually do you think you might do me a bit of a favor? Could you casually mention what a help I’ve been in guiding you? I think Io might have the mistaken impression that the wilds of the island are too much for me to handle. I would like her to know that I’m very self sufficient and good at caring for others…

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Ah! It looks like the radar has pinpointed Io’s location…oh, I should have known that she would be at the tree house down the hill. She often likes to go there when she needs a bit of time to think. I wonder what she is thinking about today…Oh! Yes, let’s walk back across the bridge toward Samuel, the path to the tree house is quite near him.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 15.jpg

We need to walk down this path and then when we come to that short white wall just past the Remnant, that large white structure, take a right onto the path leading down the hill.

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It’s just a bit further down this path. When we reach the bottom of the hill you should see it on your right….No, I’m not walking quickly! I think you must just be walking very, very slowly. Come along now! Our mission is very important. We must not waste a moment. Oh! Wait a moment…is all of this speedy walking making me glisten with sweat?! Perhaps we ought to slow down a bit…no need to smell like death just for the sake of some missing First Wavers.

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Ah! There it is!!! What do you mean by “Why are you fixing your hair?” I wasn’t fixing it…just running my fingers through it in an absent minded manner to smooth the tangles out.

Let’s walk up the stairs there. Io should be standing on that round platform with the roof. Next Island rains can come on quite suddenly and she refuses to carry an umbrella. I’ve left several for her, but they all seem to wind up in the hands of those tricky papoo rather than keeping her dry.

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Oh, Io! Fancy seeing you here. No, we just happened to be passing by and I was showing my new friend some of the local attractions. Ah! Not that you are a local attraction by any means…but you are very…Anyway, I had no idea that you would be in this area…no wait…we did come for a reason. Forgive me, I am a bit confused. My friend had some questions they wanted to ask you. Go right ahead, Newlander, and ask her about Orpheus’ Cave.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 19.jpg

Thank you so much for your help, Io. She is extremely clever, isn’t she? Well, Io, I would love to stay and chat, but I’m afraid that Samuel has given us an extremely important mission and my friend here would be altogether lost without my help…What do I contribute? Well this is a very heavy picnic basket…besides that we would be quite lost without my masterful radar reading skills…and my unique ability to drive the papoo away…how do I drive them off?…Well I’ve learned this vocal technique that appears to frighten them quite well.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 20.jpg

There was no need to tell her that my vocal trick consisted of shrieking in fear when they approached. She’ll probably be laughing about that one for weeks. Sorry for my gruffness, I just feel very put out that she doesn’t take me seriously. I was hoping that helping you with your mission would cause her to see me in a new light…well perhaps if I bring her something back from Ancient Greece she’ll have a change of heart.

The radar shows that if we face away from the tree house and take a left down the mountain path we should be headed in the direction of our goal.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 21.jpg

Ah! The sunrise is so lovely (sigh). Oh good! Do you see that little hut ahead on the left? That is a Revival Point. If we were to find ourselves knocked unconscious after a papoo or boar attack, heaven forbid, we would be instantly teleported to that location so they couldn’t succeed in finishing us off entirely. The scientists were very enterprising in their design after a number of their compatriots became…dinner (shudder).

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 22.jpg

This is quite a pleasant walk. I am so glad that we could spend some time bonding. Perhaps when we arrive in Ancient Greece we ought to consider getting friendship tattoos…or is that a bit much? My mother says I get a bit ahead of myself sometimes. Well, there is always time in the future for that sort of thing. I think I’d like to get a papoo riding a boar…with me shooting the boar with a giant gun…that seems fairly masculine, right?

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 23.jpg

This looks like something out of a painting. If only I had a canvas…and some artistic talent.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 24.jpg

That rock out there kind of looks like the fin of an enormous shark…I’m getting chills just thinking about that…I guess my imagination is a bit vivid.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 25.jpg

So many stars…

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 26.jpg

Ah! It looks like we’ve found the Rutile Beach teleporter. If you walk near enough to the teleporter it will activate so that you can climb on any other teleporter around the island and warp to this place. Oh! Look at this star I found lying in the sand…it appears to be some kind of award for having found the location of the teleporter….I love prizes!!!

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 27.jpg

Hmmm, the radar appears to indicate that we should head up the embankment there…

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 28.jpg

The radar appears to be pointing us directly at that waterfall. I hope we won’t have to get too wet…I didn’t bring any swimming trunks.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 29.jpg

Well that wasn’t too bad. There appears to be a passageway here…I hope the walls aren’t full of bats!

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 30.jpg

Ah! It’s a teleporter!!! Well we have the Time Travel Crystals…Let me take a moment to compose myself before we jump through time and space….What if something goes wrong and we can’t get back! I might never see Io again…or my mother…But if I don’t go than Io may never see me for what I truly am, a man of action! We must press on….for the sake of the First Wavers, of course.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 31.jpg

Ah! Did you see how the moment I set foot on the teleporter some sort of electronic menu rose up out of the ground…this was clearly designed by the First Wave scientists.

It looks like we have to set our desired location by clicking the arrow for the drop-down location menu on the upper right. Pick Ancient Greece…sorry, I guess you already knew that. Hmmm, it looks like there is only one teleporter option within Ancient Greece so I guess we’ll have to choose that and see what happens. Okay, now that all of that information is plugged in I am going to cross my fingers for good luck. You hit that button on the bottom left of the screen that looks like a bunch of deformed triangles…

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 32.jpg

Planet not downloaded! I didn’t know that planet’s could be downloaded…this must be the scientists having a bit of fun with us. Well, I guess we just have to play along with their game. Click the green check mark.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 33.jpg

Yes, go ahead and click the green check mark. We already knew that this would require all the Time Travel Crystals. It is a bit perplexing though that we will not be able to use some of our modern items in the past…Perhaps we will be acquiring some new items.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 3 34.jpg

Do you feel a little strange? I keep blinking my eyes, but my vision is so blurred…and my skin feels kind of tight…That can’t be good…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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