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Arthur's Island Tours: Part One

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Official guide created by Next Island! Source: Arthur's Island Tours: Part One

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Hello there! Can you hear me? Oh, sorry to yell so loudly, sometimes Newlanders are a bit deaf when coming out of the Teleporter. Don’t worry though, the effects wear off after awhile…How do you do? My name is Arthur and it’s my job to greet Newlanders and help them settle into our island ways.

What’s a Newlander you ask? Oh, forgive me for not making myself clear, sometimes I forget how different our culture and linguistics are from the world that you’ve come from. Here at Crystal Resort we use the term Newlander to signify someone who has just come to the island for the first time. Some people don’t like to have their newness singled out for fear that it will set them apart from the group, but I think you’ll find that Islanders are welcoming and eager to help new explorers familiarize themselves with their surroundings.

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The first thing you should do is change your garb. The outfit you’re wearing looks like it may have taken some damage in the teleporter... best not to risk disintegration. You will see a window appear that displays the clothes that are given to every Newlander as a welcoming gift. Enter your inventory, either by pressing I on the keyboard or choosing the inventory icon at the top right of the screen, and then choose the clothes tab, that’s the one that looks like a T-shirt. When you’ve found the clothing section of the inventory just right click on the outfit you are currently wearing and choose the unequip option. Right click the settler clothes, that’s the very stylish outfit you can see me wearing, and choose the equip option. Ah, you look much better now.

Now that we’ve taken care of that piece of business I need to teach you a very important part of our culture known as the Next Islander Knock, or NIK, which will help you better relate to other Islanders. Go ahead and give me a double tap on my shoulder with your hand balled up into a fist. Gently! There’s no need to go around bruising Islanders. You’ll use this interaction anytime you want to get someones attention to chat or trade. Now that you’ve performed the knock you should see something pop open called a window. I know this must feel a little foreign to you, but hang in there and I’m sure that soon you’ll be a master of Next Island socialization.

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The window is a futuristic means of communication that allows you to peer into another person’s mind and determine the most useful questions you might ask of them…spooky, I know. Now that the window is open you should see several potential avenues of discourse and it’s up to you to pick which one interests you the most. If you’d like to learn the history and culture of the island I highly recommend engaging other Islanders in as much conversation as possible, you never know who will have a bit of advice or gossip…not that I’m taken with gossip, but if you learn anything good I’m sure I’d love to hear it too.

Oh! I should probably tell you a bit about questing as it is a vital part of our culture. Islanders are a very purposeful people who enjoy setting goals for themselves and others. You may find that in the middle of a polite conversation someone asks you to perform a task. Sometimes these tasks are optional, but sometimes someone will ask you to do something that they feel is essential to your progress. Don’t worry though, no one will ever ask you to do anything as sordid as commit murder…although I have heard tell of a papoo killing quest…how gruesome!

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If you click through my dialogue windows I’ll go ahead and give you your first quest in order to demonstrate the questing process. Once you have agreed to the quest it will be added to your Quest/Mission Log which can be found in the Desktop icons at the top of the screen. The Quest/Mission Log will give you a description of your mission as well as the ability to turn mission tracking on and off. Enabling tracking on a quest will cause relevant locations, such as places or people, to appear on your radar which is located at the bottom right of the screen.

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The radar can be confusing at times because it displays so many different types of information, but if you keep in mind that quest information appears as a green dot with a rotating green circle surrounding it than you shouldn’t get lost. The best way to make use of the radar is by determining your location in relation to the quest tracker. You will notice that the radar has a beam of light projected out from the center that will shift depending on the direction in which you move. If you frame the quest tracker in the center of this beam of light and then just walk forward you should soon find the thing you’re looking for…be careful though, there are a lot of mountains around Crystal Resort and the parable of The Newlander and the Cliff is supposed to have some truth to it.

Your first quest will be to locate Fyodor, at position (136314, 84305). Fyodor is the informal leader of the robots. He’s a nice fellow, but perhaps not the most personable. However, he should have plenty of useful information for you and perhaps some more quests. Now that Fyodor’s position is marked on your radar just follow the instructions that I gave you about using the radar and you should have no trouble finding him…I will give you a hint though just in case…I hate getting lost myself. If you walk across the bridge behind me you should find him at the first Remnant you come across. The Remnants are those large white buildings that were constructed and then abandoned by the First Wavers.

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Oh, there he is now…well he never really goes anywhere so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see him. Why don’t you tap him on the shoulder to get a conversation started. He’s been programmed to only respond to a NIK as a means of teaching Newlanders our cultural practices.

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Ah, it looks like he wants you to speak to Samuel, at position (136452, 84412). I had heard that Samuel was experiencing some technical difficulties from my... friend Io, but I am surprised that Fyodor would leverage such a difficult task on a Newlander. Well, it’s probably a good sign that he has so much faith in your abilities. Would you do me a favor and try tapping Fyodor on the shoulder once more? I have a bit of a hunch that some of the quest rumors I’ve heard concern him.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 08.jpg
My, my! I’m not surprised, but I am a bit shocked that the rumors are true. It appears that Fyodor has four optional quests for you that concern the killing of papoos. I happen to be a pacifist so I won’t engage in this activity, but he does make a compelling argument. The papoo are a bit of a menace. If you choose to accept these quests you can do so by navigating through each option and confirming that you would like to take on the mission. I don’t believe Fyodor will be able to pay you for your troubles, but there is a degree of status to be gained. Islanders take pride in being known for completing all quests regardless of the dangers. After you finish talking with Fyodor you’ll need to go in search of Samuel. You can use your radar to locate him, but perhaps I’ll also walk you a ways until you’ve gotten your bearings. First you’ll want to turn left and begin walking towards the tree house structure that you see ahead of you.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 09.jpg
Once you’ve reached the path that runs beside the tree house turn right and then continue along the bridge directly in front of you until you come to a tiny island with a transporter on top of it.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 10.jpg
I think I see someone standing over there…

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 11.jpg
Ah, it’s Mary, at position (136369, 84370). She is another one of the robots that Fyodor mentioned, but she doesn’t appear to have any quests for you at the moment. However, she is known for her sense of logic so it is probable that she will be of some assistance to you in the future. After speaking with Mary you will want to walk around her to the other side of the teleporter and cross the bridge in front of you to get off of the tiny island.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 12.jpg
When you get to the bridge turn left and walk towards the second Remnant that you see.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 13.jpg
Ah, there is Samuel now. Have you ever noticed the striking resemblance between all three robots…and their love of the color mint green? I commented on it once before, but none of them seemed to know what I was talking about. Give Samuel a tap on the shoulder to get him started talking.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 14.jpg
Oh, dear! He seems to be more broken than we’d expected. Well, no point in talking with him further…unless you like having conversations in gibberish…if you do I’ll just wait here until you’re done. Now that you’ve spoken with Samuel we should take a look at your Quest/ Mission Log in order to gain some further understanding of the mission as his directions weren’t exactly…clear. There appear to be two methods for completing this quest, but I highly recommend locating the supply caches as it is yet unclear which papoo have stolen these parts.

There is an optional part of the mission that involves decoding the file dump. Fyodor should be able to translate for you what Samuel was trying to say, but if you wish to know you’ll have to speak with him before locating the supply caches.

Now let’s begin looking for those supply caches so that we can get Samuel up and running. The easiest way to locate the caches is by following your radar as the terrain here can be a bit dense, thus making it difficult to give clear direction, but I’ll do my best to aid you in your search. Your first goal is to locate Supply Cache A which I’ve heard contains a linguistics module. I don’t have much of a head for maps or coordinates, but if it’s of any use to you this cache is marked at position (136087, 84232) on my map…whatever that means.

I have actually seen this cache before so I can also supply you with some basic directions. First retrace your steps to the path running in between the tree house and the Remnant that Fyodor is standing near.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 15.jpg
Instead of returning to Fyodor you should continue walking forward and follow the pathway down the mountain side. When you reach the bottom of the mountain turn right and walk forward a ways. The supply cache will be hidden on your right in a little cove area. You can either continue down the path and then turn right into the cove or walk down the hill directly into the cove.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 16.jpg
Ah! There it is now. We’ll need to search through the boxes there to see if one of them contains the linguistics module. Try knocking on the boxes…if they produce a hollow sound there’s probably nothing in them.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 17.jpg
Once you’ve located the correct box you should see a message displayed on screen that says “Sifting through the cache…click again in 60 seconds.” Apparently these boxes are set to a security timer that forces one to pause for a brief period before one may open them. Newlanders need not fear a fight with lurking papoo, because luckily there are few papoo in this location and they appear to be of the less aggressive variety. Once the box has successfully opened the item will be added to your inventory and that segment of the quest will be automatically checked off of your list. The location that the radar is tracking will also change to reflect the next cache you must search for.

Supply Cache B is rumored to hold some speech modules. I would very much like to give you precise directions, but I must admit that I’ve never seen this cache with my own eyes. I’ve heard though that it is quite a ways from Crystal Resort, so the best means for locating it will be to rely on the radar. I will accompany you though as I’m curious to see it for myself. If it is of use to you this Supply Cache is marked at position (136373, 85308).

Alright, the radar indicates that we should turn left and walk through that grove of bamboo there. I hope it’s not hiding any nasty bugs or snakes… I must admit that I’m not much of one for nature, but I do like to look at it.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 18.jpg
The radar seems to indicate that it wants us to proceed up this embankment. Can that be right? Well, I suppose it’s best to just dig in, perhaps when we get to the top we’ll be able to get a better view of the area.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 19.jpg
Oh my! What a beautiful view. If I’d known it was so pleasant out here I might have proposed it as a meeting spot when I was chatting with Io the other day…would you do me the favor of not mentioning that I said that to anyone? Someone might get the wrong idea…

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 20.jpg
Hmmm. I don’t really see any landmarks so I guess it would be best for us to stick to the radar for a bit. Oh, look! There’s a bridge over there. I guess it must have been left here by the First Wavers…

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 21.jpg Gasp! It’s one of the sensors that was built by the First Wavers. That must have been what the bridge was put here for. Be careful walking by this sensor, I’ve heard that the papoo are drawn to shiny objects so it’s entirely possible that there is a cluster of them lurking in the vicinity.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 22.jpg
Well, this is quite a long walk. I wish I’d thought to bring some water or sustenance. Samuel might have warned you…except I guess he can’t really communicate at the moment…

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 23.jpg
Oh, what a pretty little beach! I’m always astounded by the beauties of our island.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 24.jpg
Ah! There it is!!!! Hooray! Oh, sorry to get so carried away as to yell in your ear. I must admit that I was worried for a moment that we might perish from hunger and be consumed by a wild boar (chuckle) how silly of me.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 25.jpg
Now that we’ve found Supply Cache B we should proceed to tap the boxes exactly as we did back at A and then wait the allotted time before trying to open them again. Very good. Now then, let’s try and locate that final cache so we can return to Crystal Resort and patch up Samuel…I may kiss the ground when we get there. The radar appears to be pointing us in this direction. We’re now hunting for Supply Cache C which is marked on my map as position (137041, 84395).

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 26.jpg
Hmm, what a strange rock outcropping. I hope it doesn’t slide down the hill there…it does appear to be leaning rather dangerously.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 27.jpg
And there is the final cache. That route was not very distinctive. I’m so glad we had the radar to guide us.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 28.jpg
Let’s retrieve the part and then be on our way. I’ll keep a look out for wild animals…ah! Did you see that grass over there moving?! Just the wind you say? Haha, of course it’s just the wind. I’m only testing your alertness.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 29.jpg
There’s the start of the path back up the mountain. Would you laugh if I ran up it? Well, feel free to laugh then.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 30.jpg
Puff! Puff! Puff! Oh…no…you go on ahead…I’ll catch up…once…my lungs…stop shaking…just…get back to Crystal…and…talk with Samuel…

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 31.jpg
Ah good, you’ve found him again. Now let’s get started on the repairs so we can see what it is that he needs.

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 32.jpg
Hmmm, still needs a bit more adjustment. Some very careful fine tuning probably…hand me that hammer, won’t you?

NI Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 1 33.jpg
Did you get all of that? It appears that Samuel wants us to discover the whereabouts of the First Wavers. In order to find them we must reactivate the sensors that they built…well, it looks like we’ll need to take another walking tour of the island to complete this mission. I know you’re eager to get started, but I insist that we rest for a brief while so that I can stock up on some provisions and check in with my…friend. Get some rest and I’ll meet you back here shortly.

Continued in Arthur’s Island Tours: Part Two

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