Zomhattan Area

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Area Guide[edit]

Maps and locations[edit]

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Upper East Side (Teleporter)Upper West Side TPLower West Side TPLower East SideIndustrial Way TPCentral Tennis Courts TPCentral Park TPBioDome Badlands TPBioDome TPFleshers Corner TPFleshers GauntletTPBAMF HQ TPB.A.M.F. Headquarters TPDocklands TPDocklands Container Yard TPLogan Street TPZomhattan BioDomeUpper West Side LAUpper East Side LALower West Side (LA)Lower East Side LAZomhattan BioDomeBAMF HQ LAZomhattan ParkEntropia Planets WikiROCKtropiaZomahattan AreaDocklands LAROCKtropia Zomhattan Area Overview Map.jpg
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B.A.M.F HeadQuarters(136301, 93072, 102)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
BAMF HQ(136086, 93099, 102)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
BioDome(136722, 94455, 150)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
BioDome Badlands(136860, 94963, 130)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Canary Pond(134388, 94241, 115)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Central Park(135424, 94974, 139)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Central Tennis Courts(134893, 94396, 130)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Docklands(131950, 91450, 101)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameYesNoNoYesNoYesNo
Docklands Container Yard (PVP)(132713, 90840, 102)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameYesNoNoYesYesYesNo
Fleshers Corner(133912, 93713, 130)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Fleshers Gauntlet(133999, 92352, 130)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Industrial Way(135483, 94671, 123)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Logan Street(137194, 94336, 111)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Lower East Side(137699, 93343, 177)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Lower West Side(134351, 93134, 111)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Rocktropia Research Facility (Zombie KONG)(135161, 94093, 139)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn Game
Upper East Side(136370, 95751, 109)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Upper West Side(133976, 95503, 111)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn GameYesNoNoYesNoYesNo
Zomhattan Ice Station(134623, 97025, 165)ROCKtropiaZomhattan AreaIn Game
Total: 19


Mobs to be found in this area:


Mineral Ores No data yet.

Raw Energy Matters No data yet.


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