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VU 16.4.0 Next Island
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Official release notes[edit]

  • 15+ new quests.
  • 3 new daily missions, with several new wavespawns.
  • 2 new vehicles, including a new player account bound Strider available in an exploration quest obtained at the docks near Crystal Peak.
  • Many new structures as part of the redesign. The quests at the docks will lead you to most of these.
  • Planet terraforming has resulted in new waterways for eventual boat transport.
  • A new bog area for hunting death drakes has appeared in the north.
  • All new terminals.
  • All new teleports, one for each faction.
  • Adjustments have been made to the iron missions, some previous bugs are fixed now.
  • All new turrets.
  • All new televators.
  • Several creature spawns have been added, most notably a shark spawn at Resa Docks. Do not fall in without proper gear.
  • Several new mining zones have been added to the desert area in the northwest of the map, as a preempt to the mining redesign coming next VU.
  • Next Island specific ores/enmatters have been added into the mining zones.
  • General terrain and texture improvements.
  • General loot rebalancing and redesign.
  • Rhondonite has been reintroduced to the loot so that craftables utilizing this are usable again, per player request.
  • Brown papoo spawn has been added, per player request.
  • Low maturity chimera spawn has been added, per player request. Both of these spawns are near the main Loyalist areas.

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