The Oasis wave event

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The Oasis wave event
Start Date 2011/12/03
Start Time 13:10
Destination Calypso
Longitude 37200
Latitude 59850
Creature Rextelum

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Closest TP is Jameson's Reach (was bugged but fixed in 12.1.4)

The wave spawn has a 3h cooldown period.

Small Rextelum are easily doable in Gremlin + 5B Plates.


Duration of waves before time out is 20 minutes.

  1. ~150+ Rextelum, mostly Weak, some Watcher and Soldier, a few Strong and Devastator
  2. Weak-Ravager
  3.  ???-Devastator
  4. Strong-Hunter
  5. Strong-Chaser
  6. Strong-Queen
  7. Hunter-Queen
  8. Hunter-Marauder
  9. Chaser-Marauder
  10. Chaser-Slayer
  11. Chaser-Slayer
  12. Majestic-Slayer
  13. The Sand King

The Sand Kings[edit]

Sand King I[edit]

The Sand King.png

Sand King II - Sand King VI[edit]

Sand King VII[edit]

Sand King VII was a looter again, and dropped several unlimited Imperial HAZEN Armor parts, several types of Armor Plating (see below) and dropped the highly anticipated Sand King Blood Sample - one of the items needed to get to the Hussk.

More Sand Kings[edit]

  • 2011-12-02 17:37:01 27057 PED
  • 2011-12-02 22:7:38 25887 PED
  • 2011-12-03 03:52:40 599 PED

Typical Sand King battle[edit]



Sand King Blood Sample[edit]

Sand King Blood Sample

Imperial Hazen Harness (F)[edit]

Imperial Hazen Harness (F) Dropped so far:

  • Female
    • Imperial HAZEN Harness (F)
    • Imperial HAZEN Arm Guards (F)
    • Imperial HAZEN Thigh Guards (F)
    • Imperial HAZEN Shin Guards (F)
  • Male
    • Imperial HAZEN Helm (M)
    • Imperial HAZEN Gloves (M)
    • Imperial HAZEN Thigh Guards (M)
    • Imperial HAZEN Foot Guards (M)

Protector Plating of the Sand King[edit]

Protector Plating of the Sand King

Guardian Plating of the Sand King[edit]

Guardian Plating of the Sand King

Defender Plating of the Sand King[edit]

Defender Plating of the Sand King

Further Information[edit]

Obsolete, the spawn has meanwhile been reduced several times in number and area.
Approaches for better organization:

  • Meet at the Water Tank before the event to discuss strategy
  • Meet at the Water Tank after the event for an review
  • Know exactly where Rextelum spawn
    The Oasis Wave Event Spawn Area.jpg
  • The area in zones
    The Oasis Zones 01.jpg

Forum Thread: Rextelum Wave Event - Firepower Needed




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