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The name of name of this mission chain
Mission Chain {{{missionchainName}}}
The set of missions this mission chain is belonging to e.g. Iron Challenge
Mission Set {{{missionchainSetName}}}
Group of players addressed by this mission chain e.g. beginners, high level players
TargetGroup {{{missionchainTargetGroup}}}
The total number of missions belonging to this mission chain
Number Of Missions {{{missionchainTotalNumberMissions}}}
The number of missions in this mission chain one avatar can play/complete. (You might not be able to play all missions in a mission chain due to branching missions excluding each other)
Playable Missions {{{missionchainPlayableMissions}}}
The release date and the VU that included this mission
Release Date (VU) {{{missionchainReleaseDateVU}}}
Your personal mission status.
Personal Status ???