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This asset has been removed from the game!
Teleporter Name White Line Depot
Teleporter Location
Longitude 128035
Latitude 94927
Height 312
Destination ROCKtropia
Area Lemmy's Castle Area
Teleporter "Properties"
Initially on the map X (No)
Associated Achievements
Estate Improvement X (No)
One-Way Teleporter X (No)
Version Update
"Facilities" available closeby
Revival Point
Auction X (No)
Technician ?
Storage Facility X (No)
Trade Terminal ?
Repair Terminal (Yes)
Manufacturing Terminal X (No)
Society terminal (Yes)
Ad Terminal X (No)
Event Guide ?
Missions ?
Local PVP Zone ?
Global Ad Screen ?
Broadcaster X (No)
Automated Gun Turret (Yes)
Bank ?
Shops ?

General information[edit]

White Line Depot is a Teleporter in the Motorhead Area on ROCKtropia. The location is secured by an Automated Gun Turret.

Localities and activities close-by[edit]

Nothing close-by available or not documented yet.



White-Line-Depot 1.jpg White-Line-Depot 2.jpg

Since implementation of vehicles the White Line Depot is also the start for Valkyrie races on one of ROCKtropias best race tracks.

White Line Depot


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