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Teleporter Name Minopolis
Teleporter Location
Longitude 87453
Latitude 85086
Height 116
Destination Calypso
Area Eudoria
Teleporter "Properties"
Initially on the map X (No)
Associated Achievements
Estate Improvement X (No)
One-Way Teleporter X (No)
Version Update
"Facilities" available closeby
Revival Point (Yes)
Auction (Yes)
Technician ?
Storage Facility ?
Trade Terminal (Yes)
Repair Terminal (Yes)
Manufacturing Terminal (Yes)
Society terminal (Yes)
Ad Terminal ?
Event Guide ?
Missions ?
Local PVP Zone ?
Global Ad Screen ?
Broadcaster ?
Automated Gun Turret ?
Bank ?
Shops ?

General information[edit]



Missions available at Minopolis

Armax Mission Chain (5)[edit]
Moblist thumb armax.png Armax Mission Chain
Mission Name Start Location Broker Name Objective Reward
Iron Challenge: 100 Armax Minopolis  ??? Kill 100 Armax + 1 Strength
Iron Challenge: 500 Armax Kill 500 Armax 250 Nova Fragments
Iron Challenge: 1,000 Armax Kill 1,000Armax + 1 Intelligence
Iron Challenge: 5,000 Armax Kill 5,000 Armax 1000 Nova Fragments
Iron Challenge: 10,000 Armax Kill 10,000 Armax

Localities and activities close-by[edit]






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