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Entropia Platform[edit]

The Entropia Platform offers access to one of the most advanced Internet interaction venues available today. It gives our business partner, called Planet Partner, the opportunity to create entirely new worlds, planets, in Entropia Universe. The Planet Partners can choose from an unlimited range of content themes and activities to fill their planets. Some of the themes in production by Planet Partners right now are shopping, games, social interaction and music.

The Entropia Platform allows for Planet Partners to create a 3D environment, incorporating their own graphical identity. The world is flexible and dynamic; environments can be redesigned or expanded as needed and tailored to suit the interests of any target demographic. End users are allowed to interact in an environment where the virtual and real world connects at a surprising level of detail. The Entropia Universe even has its own currency, Project Entropia Dollars (PED) that is pegged to the US Dollar and MindArk guaranteeing the value.

Business Model[edit]

MindArk has an uncomplicated, yet effective business model. It is based on the fact that both MindArk and the business partner, called Planet Partner, brings something to the table in order to create a new flourishing interactive environment together - a new unique Planet in Entropia Universe. Once the planet is up and running, MindArk and the Planet Partner, shares the revenue.

In the collaboration, where both parties contribute to the creation of a Planet, MindArk provides the technology through Entropia Platform, Know How and a proven income model and the Partners contribute with creativity, content and a budget for operations, marketing and other activities.


Safety and Security[edit]

MindArk aims to provide the safest online entertainment environment available. Safety and security is highly prioritized and MindArk has implemented functions on several levels to ensure this. Both Planet Partners and the participants on the planets should always feel safe in their endeavors in Entropia Universe.

Some examples of actions taken to ensure that Entropia Universe is one of the safest virtual worlds on the market:

  • Use of real time monitoring to guard against fraudulent or prohibited activity
  • Extensive logging and powerful back-end tools
  • All handling of personal information concerning the end users is conducted accordingly to MindArk Privacy Policy and applicable privacy laws
  • For secure money transactions The Entropia Universe Gold Card System offers an access system equal to high-security online banks


Nearly two decades of R&D and over 50 M USD have been invested in making the Entropia Universe the unique experience it is today. We provide users and Planet Partners with an immersive real time venue that incorporates state of the art physics and photo-realism for a truly amazing experience.

MindArk is committed to the continuous development of state-of-the-art technology in the Entropia Platform for a long time to come.

One World[edit]

Unlike many other 3D virtual environments, Entropia Universe is not based on shards. This means that instead of duplicating content on servers, rather it is designed as one continuous world where all participants worldwide can explore, meet each other and interact during a wide range of activities.

To achieve this unique Open Landscape, MindArk uses seamless server technology that we have tailored specifically for this application. Hundreds of servers are connected to create open landscapes with seamless transitions and on-demand streaming - One World.

As Planets grow in popularity, new land areas, cities and continents can be graphically created and seamlessly integrated with the existing parts of the Planet.

Each Planet in Entropia Universe is comprised of a number of so called Areas. Each Area is 8 x 8 square kilometers in size and can contain any type of 3D content (environment, landscapes, buildings etc).

Database Accuracy[edit]

Operations of Virtual Worlds and Online Games generate enormous amounts of data. For example, in Entropia Universe millions of activities are logged every hour. As for the economy, all economic transactions in Entropia Universe are monitored and possible to track down to 1 000 000th of one USD. Since all activities in Entropia Universe are based on the same tracking-principle as the economic transactions, all activities an avatar takes part in can be tracked with the same accuracy.


Much effort and care has been put into the development of realistic avatars. The technological development of avatar appearances ranges from adding and improving small details making each avatar unique to improving the handling of large crowds of avatars

The look and feel of the avatar is of great importance to the Participants. In Entropia Universe, the avatars are highly customizable on an individual level. Participants can design their avatar with dynamic tools, ranging from hairdressing, very detailed body parts, garment coloring and real time makeup applications. The users can even use their own artistic ability and design the appearance with a drawing pad.

All avatars begin at the same level with equal opportunities to develop a personality, skills and even a career within the virtual world. An avatar carries over two hundred attributes including strength, stamina, intelligence, and flexibility. The attributes and skills are enhanced and improved by using them. In this way, the characteristics of the avatar develop individually, depending on the users ’ interests and which activities they choose to pursue in the virtual world.

Planet Partners[edit]

MindArk is opening the Entropia Universe to companies who have the necessary resources and concepts and that wish to build a planet or planetary system in the Entropia Universe. We are offering our technical platform, experience and proven income model to companies and organizations with the resources and resilience to become powerful Planet Partners.

Our Planet Partners reflect the standards and quality our users have come to expect from the Entropia Universe. Each new planet in the Entropia Universe brings with it new concepts, ideas and functions that will contribute to the strengths of the universe as a whole. Our Planet Partners contribute their own concepts and creativity, adding exciting new environments and activities to the Entropia Universe that reflect their own graphical identities.

Becoming a Planet Partner[edit]

3D Internet (Online Games and Virtual Worlds) visualized through for example online games and virtual worlds, is increasingly popular among companies and organizations around the globe. Many are developing a strategy for using 3D on the Internet. MindArk is now working with selected Planet Partners around the world, offering a tailored packages for presence in Entropia Universe. In short, it is a marriage between MindArk's state-of-the-art technology and proven income model and the Planet Partners' concepts, ideas and marketing power.

MindArk is dedicated to maintaining the high quality of content inside Entropia Universe and are therefore looking for serious partners to collaborate with. After an initial contact, different stages of discussions will take place to establish a coherence and understanding for both partie's goals and visions. Detailed technical and economic information about the Entropia Platform is provided to companies at a later stage in the process.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Planet Partner, please contact us here.