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TEN is a period of time celebrating Entropia Universe tenth anniversary with special events and special "TEN Edition" items in loot and the auction of a major estate with a completely new management/revenue model.

TEN Events[edit]

EventStart Date/DateEnd Date
Planet Arkadia Triathlon 2013 TEN Edition31 January 20133 February 2013
Display of Global Fireworks7 February 201310 February 2013
Planet Cyrene TEN Edition – Hub Encounter14 February 201317 February 2013

TEN items[edit]


Latest Buzz on Gold Day:

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Entropia Turns TEN!

MindArk is very proud to announce that Entropia turns ten years old today!!

On this day, the 30th of January 2003, Project Entropia was officially released to the public. That release, also known as the PE ‘Gold’ release, marked the beginning of a very long and eventful evolution to the greatly expanded and advanced Entropia Universe of today.

In celebration of this exciting milestone, MindArk and the planet partners will be organizing a variety of special events, with special (Tenth Entropian New year) edition items distributed in loot and as event prizes.

To start, each planet partner will be hosting its own TEN celebration event on its planet, with anniversary prizes supplied by MindArk. These prizes include two full sets of the extremely powerful Chronicle TEN Edition armor (1 male and 1 female), along with two sets of Paladin TEN Edition armor, some amazing new TEN Edition armor platings, and some fiery Arsonistic Ten Edition chips.

These planetary and other ten-year anniversary events will continue over the next several months. Each planet will also be introducing a special TEN Edition version of one of its weapons, which will be introduced in the partner release scheduled for late February.

Next week, MindArk will be announcing a major estate auction, quite different from the traditional land area model. All we can say for now is that the estate will feature some previously unknown alien lifeforms...

Finally, as some of you may have noticed, MindArk has already started celebrating by juicing up the loots, globals and HoFs! No one can be sure when this insanity will end so be sure to grab your share of these ‘Modified Loots’!


In December 2012 State of the Universe Address 2013 mentioned TEN:

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Entropia’s 10 Year Anniversary As mentioned earlier, Entropia will turn 10 years old on January 30, 2013, and MindArk will celebrate this historic milestone with some wonderful universe-wide events beginning on the anniversary date and continuing throughout 2013. As a token of thanks for the support we have received from our amazing community over the years, special anniversary edition items will be introduced in loots and offered as event prizes. These items will have enhanced stats and can be identified by the TEN suffix in the item name (Tenth Entropia New year).

Also in celebration of ten years of Entropia, there will be a major estate announced for auction at the end of January, with a completely new management/revenue model. More details will be released as the anniversary date approaches.


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