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Sweating or formally "Sweat Gathering" is the process of collecting Vibrant Sweat from animnals in Entropia Universe. Sweating is not only one of the free-to-play activities in Entropia Universe but even considered the basic method to earn money in Entropia Universe on a micro-level. This is possible because Vibrant Sweat is used as an ingredient for Crafting, mainly for the production of Mind Essence, and thus has a value for players.

The very basics[edit]

Equipping your VSE Mk1[edit]

The device needed for gathering sweat is called "VSE Mk1". Every player of Entropia Universe starts the game with a VSE Mk1 in their Inventory. Press I to open the inventory, on the right side of the Inventory window click the "Tools" section which is the 5th from above with the wrench icon, right-click the VSE Mk1 in the inventory, and from the dropdown menu choose "Equip".

Advanced hint: Preferably get the Auto-Use-Tool action from the Action Library (Y) and drag-drop a shortcut on your screen using (L) and then assign that shortcut to a key of your choice. Then just aim at a mob and press the auto-use-tool key.

Solo Sweat Gathering[edit]

Focus on low level mobs which you can tank naked for long enough to be able to sweat them dry. Preferably close to a revive point. You may or may not choose to heal yourself. To die gives no penalty and you gain some combat skills while getting hit.

Group Sweat Gathering[edit]

The following are some guidelines that define an efficient sweat group:

  • Stay in a tight circle around the mob if you get hit don't move
  • Use 'Aim' mode (Space bar) to point and auto-use
  • Try to avoid being in between the mob and other sweaters
  • When a mob is dry the person on which the mob is currently aggro on should run away to closest turret. Alternatively someone can kill it
  • When there is no mob in the sweat circle only one person should run up to a new one and drag it in the same circle
  • Don't ask for healing, if a players chooses to heal the group, good, if not, die and run back up to the group
  • A sweat group can be created as soon as 5-6 sweaters gather around a mob. Or less if a healer is present
  • An ideal sweat group is where people can go afk pointing with auto-tool in 1 direction and that the mobs are cycled in the same spot


Popular sweating spots[edit]

Planet Calypso[edit]

  • Nea's Place (Ambulimax in team)
  • Boreas (Kerberos in team)
  • Half Moon Bay Cave
  • Royal Club TP


Next Island[edit]

Planet Arkadia[edit]

Celeste Outpost

Planet Toulan[edit]

Theryon Wars[edit]


  • South Crater

Selling sweat[edit]

Selling sweat is done directly to players, vibrant sweat cannot be sold to the trade terminal. usually sweat is sold in lots of 1000.

Prices may vary but you can refer to the following as a guide:

1.0 to 1.4 PED for 1k Sweat = Bad deal for the seller great deal for the buyer. 1.5 to 2.0 PED for 1k Sweat = Fair deal for both the seller and the buyer. 2.1 PED and up for 1k Sweat = Good deal for the seller and bad deal for the buyer.

You can either announce on the #trade channel, or local planet trade channel, or go to a highly populated area and announce on local chat.

Using sweat[edit]




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