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ROCKtropia 2.0

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Release Date::2011/04/20
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ROCKtropia 2.0
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Official Release Notes[edit]

Launch Event

In order to help test the security of No Way Out Maximum Security Prison, the Warden is offering The first five convicts to successfully ESCAPE No Way Out via the EPIC and extremely difficult Escape Quest will earn their very own private deeded jail cell in solitary confinement.

Check out this teaser below!

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And some screenies from the big slammer! Check them out in my album at this link

2.0 Highlights

  • New Club NEVERDIE arrival area in the City of Dreams.
  • No way out Maximum security Prison is now a fully functional correctional facility.
  • Multiple Farms added for harvesting Entropia Universe live stock
  • ROCKtropia National guard duty enlistment opportunity
  • Funky junction Shops enhanced
  • Televators added to bars and shops
  • Gun turrets added to most teleporters to increase safety
  • City of dreams performance optimization
  • Entropia Universe indigenious wild life introduced to habitat
  • Drone activity detected in Zomhattan
  • Large scale increase in ROCKtropia native population
  • Mob spawns increased throughout planet
  • Noobs Noobs Noobs Gentlemens club open in New Harlem
  • Large addition of unlimited weapons to be discovered
  • Upgrades done to Ballister Apartment! -No need to move your items!
  • Increased mineral spawns planet wide


  • Item size in inventory fixed on SOME items! <-This has been a very difficult thing to debug! Should have all items fixed by next VU.
  • Furniture auction category fixed for craftable furniture
  • Brixton Bass Music and other select shops in Funky Junction Operational
  • Various quest fixes
  • Huge performance boosts and optimizations planet wide

Known issues

  • The gates of Hell are closed awaiting Mini Patch
  • Smuggler status unclearable.
  • No prisons visits permitted unless incarcerated -- VERY IMPORTANT Don't Go near the prison unless you have been convicted of a crime! If you do, you WILL NOT be able to serve your community service until next VU. AGAIN ONLY avatars CONVICTED of a CRIME may go near the shores of the prison!
  • Coat check girl in club NEVERDIE unresponsive

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