Project Entropia Roadmap 2004-2005

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Project Entropia Roadmap by First Planet Company CEO Marco Behrmann as of Date:08 September 2004

"Project Entropia Roadmap
What’s in the pipeline at the MindArk development studio? Here are some of the not so secret parts of the roadmap for the future. We hope this will inspire and keep your imagination on the edge. Remember this is not in any way to be considered a complete list of coming attractions. Also, various minor updates are also not noted.

Project Entropia is a free virtual universe that is downloadable from the Internet and is updated about ten times per year, in so called Version Updates, or VU’s. VU’s are by default targeted for release on Tuesdays. The upcoming VU, 6.1, is scheduled for a release late September.

VU 6.1 Content

  • The new continent is presented. About three times as large as current main Eudoria continent on the planet Calypso, the new continent of Amethera is presented for the first time. The continent is also the base for the land grab event, which will allow Project Entropia participants to actively fight for ownership of land. The new continent will have mineral rich areas, new flora and fauna, and is also utilizing functions of the newly implemented GameBryo graphics engine.
  • A Teacher system is coming, giving the ability for teacher avatars to supply skills to students. This will probably become a new profession within Project Entropia.
  • Tailors and colorers will be pleased with the addition of a bleaching function; meaning that most colored items may be removed bleached and recoloured over and over again until a satisfying result is obtained. Updates to the Color tool interface will also allow for some speedier activity when coloring items.
  • Shop owners will appreciate the ability to dress their shopkeepers with clothes, armor or items. Special mannequins are also available for dressing and putting into your estates so you can display your valuable creations or findings.

A selection of content coming during 2004-2005 In no particular order of priority.

  • Add new functions to auction – adding functions like purchase orders of bulk items.
  • Add new functions to societies – society functions will be deepened and much more control will be issued.
  • Add new levels and professions for crafting.
  • Add stats to tools – tools will get the same amount of info as weapon and armor counter-parts, making it easier to assay them.
  • Advertising/Department stores – set up shop in a department store, advertise your stuff and become a successful retailer.
  • Bars – Bars will be places of relaxation and entertainment, everything a weary avatar needs.
  • Beauty/Body shops – Shops where you can alter the looks of your avatar, with completely new appearances and styles, including piercing and tattoos.
  • Bounty hunting system – are you annoyed that you getting killed by some bully? Set a contract on him and make him pay the consequences.
  • Carpentry – new crafting profession, making furniture and other similar items.
  • Crafters will be able to repair items – meaning you don’t have to run back to the imperial communal repair terminals.
  • Enhanced chat/messaging system – allowing for more advanced functions, like grouping, blocks and offline messaging.
  • Event tools – make tools available for Project Entropia participants to organize their own events, with ticket sales, area rentals and rules.
  • Food/Drinks – a new crafting profession, food and drinks will enhance the avatar abilities.
  • Huge Mindforce update – both the way Mindforce the interface works as well as numerous new powers.
  • Land management system – you want to enhance your lands with new creatures, or perhaps add new minerals to it? Go ahead.
  • New planets – what lies beyond Calypso?
  • Notary/Reputation system – are you good or evil? Can you be trusted or not? This system will help determine what kind of person the avatar is.
  • Space exploration/combat – discover new areas in space, mine asteroids, fight pirates, enhance your space ship with additional equipment, weapons and shields.
  • Taming system – ever wanted to own your pet Atrox and ride it off towards the sunset? This system makes it happen.
  • Update “Pre-Gold” items to “Ancient” status – some items are truly rare and respected.
  • Vehicles – be a bus driver or maybe a heavy machinery operator. Or make a living hauling large quantities of ore."