Mission:The Keys to the Underworld

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Ancient Greece
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X (No)
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The Keeper of the Keys
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(36002, 19857, ?????)
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Teleporter:"Teleporter:" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
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Objectives in this mission.
  • Talk to the Keeper of the Keys (36002, 19857)
Rewards for this mission.

The following box is transcluded form the official guide Arthur's Island Tours: Part Four:

NEWLAAAAAANDER!!!! NEWWWWLAAAAAANDEEEEEER!!!!! (SMACK)! Oh! Sorry, Newlander. You weren’t moving when we first came out of the teleporter. I was worried that you’d died when you didn’t respond to my yelling, so I gave you a slap to the face…no, I’m not normally in the habit of slapping dead people. Thank goodness you’re alright! It’s very dark in here and I was terrified that I’d be left all alone…

Well, not entirely alone. That strange old man over there won’t stop staring at us, but I didn’t hear him offering any help when you collapsed upon our arrival. He just stood there…with a creepy old man expression on his face. It was very impolite, I must say.

Do you think you can stand, Newlander? Here, let me offer you a shoulder…good. You seem fairly steady. I think the worst is over. If you begin to feel sick just give me a warning and I’ll whip out the picnic basket…on second thought we’re standing in a dank cave underground so it would probably be just fine if you chose an out of the way corner instead of the picnic basket.

Well, should we attempt to speak to the old man over there? Or just try and sneak by him? Yes, I suppose you’re correct that we may as well attempt conversation. However, I am going to collect some rocks for the slingshot just in case he proves to be a madman.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 4 02.jpg

Hello, Sir? Do you speak English? Ahhh! Forgive me! (Whisper) He has quite a threatening tone! Let us finish this conversation quickly and get out of here.

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 4 03.jpg

(Whisper) Good. He thinks that we’re brave. Let’s continue that illusion until we are safely out of here. What a strange old man! Choosing to dwell in some underground cavern while foisting his ominously theatrical declarations on poor lost souls such as ourselves. (Sigh) I don’t think I like him very well…was it so obvious?

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 4 04.jpg

(Whisper) The Keeper of Keys? Who do you suppose gave him that title? Or perhaps he just says that to sound important?

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 4 05.jpg

What keys is he referring to? I don’t have any experience forging metal so I sincerely hope they aren’t actual keys…

Next Island Guides Arthurs Island Tours Part 4 06.jpg

Ah! When he speaks of the “keys” he means the Time Travel Crystals…wait, I still don’t know how to manufacture those…

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