Mission:Snableshot Female Hunting

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Private Dana
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(62543, 82552, 372)
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Teleporter:Camp Phoenix
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The mission is very easy, and it can be completed by new players.
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  • Choice between...
    • Weapon Cells (~ PED TT)
    • BLP Packs (~ PED TT)
    • Rifle Skill (~ PED TT)

General Information[edit]

The mission is to eliminate 90 Young Snableshot Females in order to assist with archeology efforts. The reason given is that the creatures have recently migrated to the area and are interfering with the ability of the archeologists to complete their assignment. The mission is very easy, and is suitable for new players. A good place to look for the creatures is the area around Port Atlantis.

In-game Description[edit]

I have a request. We just got new orders. Snableshots recently migrated to these hills. Although they are not very violent creatures, their huge numbers makes our work in this area difficult. The orders we received are to decrease the Snableshot population so that our geologists can continue their work uninterrupted. Can you help us out?

Mission Walkthrough[edit]

Mission Start[edit]

...Camp Phoenix (62543, 82552, 372)

Misssion Objectives[edit]

Kill 90 Young Snableshot Females

Mission Completion[edit]


Mission Rewards[edit]

Weapon Cells
BLP Packs
Rifle Skill - 0.75 points

Mission Chain[edit]

No Mission Chain available or specified.

Similar Missions[edit]

Snableshot Male Hunting

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