Mission:Iron Challenge: 100 Foul

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The official in-game name of this mission
Mission Name Iron Challenge: 100 Foul
The quest chain this mission is embedded in
Quest Chain
The type of this mission
Mission Type Hunting
The release date and the VU that included this mission
Release Date (VU) 2010-02
Your personal mission status.
Personal Status {{{missionPersonalStatus}}}
The location where you begin this mission
StartingLocation Camp Echidna
The NPC or entity where you get this mission
Quest Giver Andrus
Teleporters you should have or get to complete this mission
Helpful Teleporters Camp Echidna
Locations you will have to visit to begin and complete this mission
Related Locations Camp Echidna
The requirements that have to be met to begin this mission
Requirements must have some kind of weapons
The objectives of this mission
Mission Objectives Kill 100 Foul
Equipment you will probably need to complete this mission
Necessary Equipment some kinds of weapons
Mobs you will have to fight to complete this mission
Unavoidable Enemies Foul
Mobs you might encounter during this mission
Possible Enemies
Approximate costs to complete this mission.
Approximate Costs
Rewards you can get for the completion of the mission.
Rewards 1 point additional Agility, Unlock for Iron Challenge: 500 Foul
The missions unlocked by completing this mission
Next Missions [[Iron Challenge: 500 Foul]]
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In-Game Description[edit]

Calypso Firearms Association is just out to help people protect themselves. If you're suddenly attacked by a Foul... well, then you must have a gun to defend yourself.

But there are those that think that guns should be controlled, that you need a license to get a gun and at worst shouldn't be permitted to carry a gun at all. CFA wants to prove these people wrong and show that guns are needed everywhere just in case something catches your scent.

Hi there! I'm Andrus and I work for CFA. That's short for Calypso Firearms Association.

We run this little event here, called the Foul Iron Challenge. Foul are vicious creatures that can be very dangerous if you come close to them. We have to shoot them off. So well... if you are interested you can sign up here.

The first step is to exterminate 100 of them. Would you be interested in this?





Hunting Areas[edit]

Replace-me.png Treasure Island Castle.

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