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General Information[edit]

Comment by designer Caitlin Conner: "Crystal Breakfast was the first stand-alone mission I got to write for Next Island. It was a very exciting opportunity because the previous design I’d done was revisions and extensions to existing missions, so this was my big chance to strike out on my own and create something entirely new. The inspiration for this mission came from the character art for the papoo August. This NPC originally existed in game as an auction terminal, so he had never spoken, and then got removed in favor of a human NPC. Since his removal I had been plotting ways to get him back into the game as a full fledged character, the art just spoke to me.

We had an area in the game called Crystal Bay that had an empty building called the Tiki Bar that in a previous incarnation of the game had belonged to a papoo named Hank. I have no idea what happened to Hank, it was before my time, but I thought it would be funny to introduce a plot line where Hank sells the Tiki bar to another papoo in a sort of sneaky business deal where he neglects to tell him that the business is failing. The poor player gets wrangled into helping the new management try to turn the business around.

Around this stage in development it was decided that we had the bandwidth in the release to introduce a new mob. I fought hard for a bird-like creature because we were on a tropical island, and no other monster like that existed in the game universe. I was given the opportunity to pitch and began trolling the Internet for interesting bird-like creatures when I happened upon the “Terror Birds.” I can’t really think of anything scarier than an 8-foot-tall predator bird so this seemed like a good start. They got the name Screechers because I liked the idea that when you entered a mob zone there would be a horrible screech followed by an enormous bird barreling down on you.

I decided that the Crystal Breakfast mission was as good a time as any to introduce the Screechers as it made logical sense that August would want supplies to run the bar and Screechers produced eggs. I deliberately did not tell players that in order to get these eggs you’d have to kill the Screechers because I wanted this fight to be a terrifying surprise."

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Mission Walkthrough[edit]

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