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"Omegaton has developed the Pit-Bull, including the qualities you want: it's well-armored with built-in ABC protection, with great load capacity and of-road capabilities. It can hold a maximum of eight; six passengers, one gunner and one driver. This chunk of hardware is a hunter and miners best friend, Buy the best, buy Omegaton!"


Vehicle Pitbull Mk I (L)
Type Car
Seats 8
Attachment slots ?
Mountable Weapons ?
Max TT Value 41 PED
Markup ? %
Condition Limit 3.0%
Weight 20.1 kg
Item Points 1
Fuel Consumption (Active) 1.25 Oil/km
Fuel Consumption (Passive) -
Wheel Grip 1.2
Engine Power 4012.2 HP
Max Speed 51.1 km/h
Spawned Weight 10000.0 kg
Max Structural Integrity 1800
Protection Penetration 16.0
Protection Impact 27.0
Protection Burn 16.0
Protection Cold 14.0
Protection Cut 27.0
Protection Stab 25.0
Protection Shrapnel 15.0
Protection Acid 14.0
Protection Electric 14.0
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Max weight {{{Max_weight}}}
Version Update CR 2010.5




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