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Vehicle Megingjord Mk1 (L)
Type Tank
Seats ?
Attachment slots VWeTL T1
Mountable Weapons Yes
Max TT Value 42 PED
Markup ? %
Condition Limit 3.0%
Weight 15.0 kg
Item Points 1
Fuel Consumption (Active) 1.35 Oil/km
Fuel Consumption (Passive) -
Wheel Grip 1.0
Engine Power 2039.4 HP
Max Speed 45.0 km/h
Spawned Weight 15000.0 kg
Max Structural Integrity 1500
Protection Penetration 21.0
Protection Impact 31.0
Protection Burn 21.0
Protection Cold 19.0
Protection Cut 29.0
Protection Stab 29.0
Protection Shrapnel 22.0
Protection Acid 18.0
Protection Electric 19.0
Capacity (items) 45
Max weight 121.0 kg
Version Update 11.5.0


Megingjord Mk1 (L) Blueprint (L):



Megingjord & Gungnir

Some PVP action at the Oil Rig

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